Or the air suspension model y configuration information will be leaked

Posted 2021-10-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, overseas media reported that a netizen released a photo containing the configuration information of model y, including the information of air suspension. However, it was previously reported that it was denied that the air suspension would be installed on the model 3 and model y models. "The picture is the configuration information of model y leaked from the network." recently, foreign media said that a photo with the configuration information of Tesla Model y was exposed by netizens, and the option of "air suspension" in the photo was prominently listed. And on the right image, it seems that the layout of some modules and harnesses of the system is also shown. This is contrary to mask's previous denial that the model 3 and model y models will not be equipped with air suspension. Does it mean that old ma is going to have another "face fight"? (related reading: air suspension fails. Musk denies that model 3 has been updated.) "Tesla Model 3" just in February this year, some media found that the parts catalogue of Tesla Model 3 leaked the R & D plan for the new air suspension when it was updated, so it is speculated that the new air suspension may be matched on Model 3 in the near future. Before that, a model 3 with air suspension was photographed by foreign media to be tested on a closed track, but no information has been updated since then. On February 11, Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive, corrected that neither model 3 nor model y will carry air suspension after the parts catalog update leaked. However, Tesla has plans to install air suspension on Model 3 and model y according to various signs. Moreover, it seems that in order to realize this configuration, the system related module and harness layout have also been completed. We don't know why this configuration is hidden. But if air suspension is an option that requires payment, would you like to pay for it?

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