Or super 600 horsepower Maserati mid engine sports car spy exposure

Posted 2021-04-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Mentioned, we can immediately think of "two kings and one queen". However, Maserati, the brand known as the super running queen, has been frequently ignored by the market in recent years, and its glory has long disappeared. In order to be reborn, it seems to be the only way to start the development of electrification. For this reason, Maserati has released a new mid car MC20 as an important turning point of brand renaissance. In fact, we have heard about MC20 a long time ago. It is scheduled to hold the Maserati brand restart ceremony "mmxx: the way" in the headquarters of Modena, Italy, in May 2020 The first novel coronavirus outbreak on the Forward was launched on September. The plan has been postponed until September, and the date is not released because of the unclear epidemic situation. This has also made it more time for the fans to see this Martha Lahti MC20. Fortunately, we have obtained the renderings of new cars from overseas, and fans can have a look at them first. Power is always the focus of a sports car. Because the conference hasn't been held, we haven't got specific power parameters. However, car & driver, an overseas media, once said that the Maserati MC20 mid engine sports car may be adopted, which will be equipped with a combination of V6 engine and motor of more than 447kw (600ps). Although we can't confirm the rumor, we do know that Maserati is building her own V6 engine for the car, rather than buying an engine from Ferrari. Car & driver said it would be a twin turbo engine with a dual clutch 8-speed transmission. In addition, there is talk of another hybrid model, and it is reported that the ultimate goal of the Maserati brand is to launch a pure electric drive model. There is no doubt that the V6 engine is a helpless compromise to the strict emission standards. Maserati believes that the MC20 is the spiritual successor of the MC12, and the MC12 is actually a copy of Ferrari Enzo, so for such a super sports car, it seems that the V8 is more in line with its tonality, and more acceptable to the consumer super running group. However, the new V6 engine performance of the car is not weak. If Ma Li is really above 600ps, then it still has a certain competitiveness. Maserati made the MC20's debut in Modena, her hometown, but as of April 12, the World Health Organization reported that the death toll in Italy was close to 20000. Now we can only pray for Italy and hope that the epidemic will end as soon as possible. At the same time, we will bring you the continuous report of Maserati MC20.

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