Or go public in the third quarter

Posted 2021-10-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, we obtained a real spy photo of a brand-new medium-sized sedan, byadihan. The real car in the spy photos is more intuitive than the previous official picture. According to the previous news, the new car may be officially launched in March 2020. "Spy photo angle is limited, please forgive me. If you shoot more angles, you are welcome to contribute. "This spy photo mainly shows the shape of the rear side of BYD Han, we can see that the whole rear of the new car adopts a square design style, and the more vertical rear angle and strong lines complement each other. The new car adopts straight through tail lights, and the chrome plated strip further stretches the visual width, while the mellow side lines and sliding back shape of the new car add a sense of movement to it. In addition, judging by the wheel rim, the new car or the plug-in hybrid Han DM model. "BYD Han DM" and "BYD Han EV" combined with the previous official figures, Han EV and Han DM adopt different design styles in the front part, among which Han DM is more square and concise as a whole. The front face of the new car is still the design language of the BYD family's dragon face. The combination of the heavy down pressing car head and the slightly raised three-dimensional lines on the hatch cover creates a diving feeling. At the same time, the Han DM model also uses a large-scale polygonal middle net, with the horizontal chrome grid and the chrome decorative strip above the headlight, which makes it more elegant. The interior design of the new car also refers to the official drawing. The official said that the interior design of the new car has integrated the concept of Chinese aesthetics and adopted the symmetrical design. Both the dashboard and the central control panel of the new car are equipped with large-scale LCD. Judging from the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel and the details of the bottom end of the central control panel, the screen still adopts the iconic and rotatable design of BYD. The co pilot's "dragon scale" texture atmosphere lamp is the extension of BYD dragon face design language in interior decoration. In the power part, according to the declaration information, hanev has two versions: single motor and double motor. The former has a motor peak power of 163kw and a maximum torque of 330n · m; the latter has a rear motor with a maximum power of 200kW and a peak torque of 350n · m on the basis of 163kw. The Han DM is equipped with a 2.0L engine with a maximum power of 141kw and a motor with a maximum power of 180kW and a peak torque of 330n · M.

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