Official map of two kinds of endurance Renault mophoz pure electric concept car

Posted 2022-06-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On March 2, we obtained a set of official maps of the motorhoz electric concept car from Renault. The new car is built on the latest cmf-ev platform, and the body uses Renault's latest electric vehicle design language, which looks full of science fiction. The concept car has launched a total of city version and travel version configuration models, with a range of 401km and 700km respectively, and has L3 level functions. From the aspect of appearance, the concept car is designed based on Renault's future traffic trip. The overall line of the new car is strong and sporty, which looks more domineering. The front face of the new car adopts a closed grid design, highlighting the design characteristics of its electric vehicle. The headlight of the new car extends from the front face sign to both sides, and is connected with the vertical sun lamps on both sides, which visually lengthens the width of the front face. The interior of the headlight is woven to create a sci-fi luxury atmosphere. From the side view, the lines on the side are angular and full of strength. The new car adopts a concealed a / C pillar design to create the effect of suspended roof. In addition, the concept car also adopts a B-pillar free design, which makes it more convenient for passengers to get on and off. The exterior rear-view mirrors on both sides of the motor-driven concept car are replaced by two cameras, which have a better aerodynamic design due to their smaller size. In addition, the new car also uses a 22 inch five spoke design, full of athletic style. At the rear of the vehicle, the design of the new car is more round, and the taillight adopts the LED light band style, which corresponds to the design of the front face and has a high degree of identification. The upper vertical high mounted stop lamp and the bottom "F1 tail lamp" are fully identified after being lit. In terms of dimensions of new cars, the length, width and height of urban models are 4400 / 2000 / 1550mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2730mm. The length, width and height of the travel models are 4800 / 2000 / 1550mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2930mm. Internally, the interior design lines of the concept car are relatively simple. The concept car of morpoz adopts a steering wheel with a more sci-fi design and a 10.2-inch L-shaped screen, which can be folded according to different driving modes. This design makes the interior of the new car full of sense of science and technology. There are only four touch buttons (P, R, N and D) in the center console of the concept car, and a large-scale display screen is added at the rear of the center console, which can realize a variety of entertainment functions. The seat design of the concept car has become a highlight. The concept car adopts a 2 + 2 seat layout. The passenger seat can rotate to facilitate communication with the rear passengers. The concept car seats are made of recyclable materials and the dashboard is made of wood, officials said. It is worth noting that the concept car of morpoz can realize keyless starting. When the driver approaches the vehicle, the vehicle uses sensors to detect and identify the driver. At the same time, activate the light indicator on the door, the driver can start the welcome program and open the door with a wave. The concept car can adjust the interior lighting and seats according to the driver's preference and mood. Special functions are designed for the smart phone on the central control panel in the car. The driver only needs to place the mobile phone on the central control panel. Through authorization, he can use the smart phone to control the car and switch different driving modes. In addition, the concept car also supports sharing, and the owner can share the driving code, so that other drivers can drive the car within the scheduled time. In terms of power, there are two versions of the concept car, namely city version and travel version. Among them, the city version can meet the daily driving needs, equipped with a 40 kwh capacity group, with a maximum power of 100 kW and a driving range of about 401 km (249 miles). In addition to a 40kwh battery pack, a 50kwh battery pack with a total capacity of 90kwh and a maximum power of 160kW can be added to the travel model. The battery pack can realize the power exchange function. When the vehicle does not need to drive for a long distance, it can be stored in and used for a second time. The total range of the travel model is about 700 km (435 miles). In addition, the concept car also has L3 level automatic driving function.

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