Obvious changes in front face revealed spy photos of Nissan's new Jinke road test

Posted 2021-03-02 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, overseas media exposed a group of spy photos of the road test of new Jinke. From spy photos, the new car adopts a new family design language. In terms of power, the model may be expected to adopt the current model power, and the overseas model will also be equipped with E-power system. According to foreign media reports, the new car may debut in Thailand. From the spy photos exposed, the new car adopts Nissan's latest family style design style, the front air intake grille area is further increased, and the headlamp is also connected with the air intake grille shape to create an integrated design. Not only that, the shape of the fog lamp is more sporty than the current model. From the side view, the A / B / C pillar of the new car adopts the hidden design to create a suspended roof, which can attract young consumers more. In terms of the rear part, the new car basically continues the design of the current model, but the bottom shape of the bumper is upgraded, and the integrated design is also adopted, which looks more refined. In terms of power, referring to the power of current models, the new car is equipped with the third generation of hr15 all aluminum 1.5L naturally aspirated, the maximum power is 124 horsepower, the peak torque is 147 n ยท m, and in terms of transmission system, it is matched with the Nissan xtronic CVT stepless or 5-speed manual transmission. The overseas version may be equipped with the same E-power hybrid system as Nissan note. According to the dynamic parameters of Nissan note, the maximum power of the hybrid system is 109 HP, and the peak torque is 254 nm. We will continue to pay attention to more information about new cars.

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