Novel coronavirus pneumonia will be donated by BOSCH China Charity center 5 million yuan

Posted 2023-02-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the new pneumonia epidemic in Hubei Province has spread to many provinces and cities in China. The degree is beyond imagination. More than one level of public health response has been initiated. It can be said that the epidemic prevention and control has reached a critical stage. Bosch responded positively in the first time and contributed to the fight against pneumonia. On January 25, the second day after the construction of Wuhan huoshenshan hospital, the relevant colleagues of Bosch electric tools learned that due to the urgent task of the construction company and the lack of existing construction equipment, they urgently needed angle grinder, electric drill, laser rangefinder and other tools. For this reason, Bosch colleagues coordinated the storage, logistics and other resources in the first time, overcome the traffic control and other difficulties in Wuhan, and delivered the donation tools to the front-line construction site within 48 hours. Finally, Bosch donated 200000 yuan worth of electric tools and accessories to the construction unit of huoshenshan hospital, providing a strong guarantee for the construction. As the main body of Bosch's charity project operation in China, Bosch China Charity center pays attention to the development of the situation from the beginning of the epidemic and actively connects with the epidemic affected areas; meanwhile, it starts the company's internal rescue mechanism, quickly coordinates and communicates with all business departments, and strives to quickly and effectively support the construction of medical institutions and add materials. At present, Bosch China Charity center has raised a total of 5 million yuan in donations and materials from Bosch enterprises in China. It is actively meeting the needs of various regions to fight against the pneumonia epidemic and implementing donation projects as soon as possible.

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