No fear of consumption degradation, these four electric vehicles make you return to rationality

Posted 2020-10-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In 2020, a sudden epidemic disrupted our lives. After paying a huge price, we finally succeeded in fighting the epidemic. But the impact of the epidemic will be long-term, such as the fast of wild animals, such as the habit of wearing masks when going out, such as the degradation of consumption. In the past few years, the concept of "consumption upgrading" has become popular, and "light luxury" instead of "cost performance" has become the first choice of many people. So we found that among the young people, saving less and less, moonlight more and more, Huabei and Baitiao are very popular. A large wave of P2P online loan companies with different good and bad qualities rose rapidly, but they soon closed down, even caused some social problems. However, in recent months, the abuse of "consumption upgrading" has begun to appear. Many people's incomes have been greatly reduced, but their savings are few, and their ability to resist risks is very poor. After the crisis awareness is awakened, more and more people should start saving and reduce unnecessary consumption. As a bulk consumer goods, automobile will undoubtedly be included in the "degradation" list by many consumers. However, consumption degradation is not terrible. In essence, it is to make everyone's consumption return to rationality, and no longer pursue vanity and gimmick. In other words, it means paying less for cars of the same or better quality. So what is the most suitable car to buy after consumption degradation? We recommend practical new energy models with high cost performance. Their prices are reasonable and will not bring too much burden. At the same time, the use cost is very low, and there are many policy support. It is not limited to open the purchase. Here we recommend 4 models with different prices for you. If you have plans to buy electric vehicles in the near future, you may as well pay attention to them. 1、 The most important thing for the rational consumption of ants is to recognize their own needs and only buy things suitable for them. In the past, Chinese people always wanted to buy cars, but in fact, for the demand of unmarried people or families for the second car, most of the time, only one or two people are in the car, and the car is the best choice. The car is a natural travel tool, driving flexible, parking convenient, and the price and use cost are extremely advantageous. If you agree with this view, I would recommend Chery ant, a micro pure electric vehicle. As its name implies, Chery ant is very small in stature, 3200mm / 1670mm / 1550mm in length, width and height, and 2150mm in wheelbase. It is a very rare two door model in China. The starting price of xiaoant is 59800 yuan, which is one of the most popular models in the market, but its design, configuration and technology are not cheap at all. This "non mainstream" model is very popular. In the past few years, the cumulative sales volume of xiaoant has exceeded 130000. The hot sale of xiaoant fully shows that a seemingly niche market in China actually has a large market capacity. Following this idea, ant launched the latest queen model in March this year, which is mainly aimed at female consumers. The queen of ants version uses a very bold color matching of flowing cherry powder, and the smoked "angel eye" headlight, which is very attractive to female users. Come to the car, the pink and beige interior can melt every girl's heart. A large number of soft materials are used in the car, and the whole instrument panel is covered with a layer of soft leather package, which improves the quality of the interior. Although the price is close to the people, Chery's ant configuration is unexpectedly rich. The full LCD Meter with clear display effect shows that this is a high-quality car with high positioning. The 10 inch large central control screen is the focus of the car. The functions of vehicle settings, AI intelligent voice interaction, audio entertainment, Bluetooth phone, etc. can be operated through this screen. In addition, it also supports Baidu carlife, which is very convenient to connect with mobile phones. At the same time, the vehicle provides 4G WiFi on board, unlimited traffic of the vehicle within three years, and 6GB traffic of the user's mobile equipment every month. Mobile phone is one of the most important personal items. It is a kind of rigid need to keep the power of mobile phone sufficient. The queen of ants version is equipped with the wireless charging function of the mobile phone, which is no longer afraid to forget to bring the charging line. The queen ant version uses a 2 + 2 four seat layout, which can cope with some scenes of multiple people traveling, and improves the practicability. In order to facilitate the entry and exit of passengers in the back row, the queen ant version is equipped with easy entry electric seats, which can realize quick shift + fold and reset with one key. The space in the back row is not as cramped as expected. After the 1.77m high experiencer sits in, although the height of the seat is a little low, it is good that the leg space is acceptable. The queen ant version also provides a very rare panoramic skylight in the same level of competition, with the size of 654.67mm × 768mm, which further increases the sense of space in the car. After putting down the rear seats, the small ant's luggage compartment has a large capacity, even comparable to some higher-level models. At the same time, there are plenty of storage compartments in the front row, which are used to store personal belongings. Chery ant's team has IP67 waterproof and thermal management system, with a capacity of 35kwh, making the NEDC of the car reach 301km. It is worth mentioning that xiaoant, like many others, is a rear driving type. The maximum output power of the driving motor arranged on the rear axle is 30kW (41ps), the maximum torque is 120nm, the acceleration time of 0-50km / h is about 6S, and the maximum speed can reach 110km / h. No less DC fast charging and 6.6kw AC slow charging. AC slow charging pile can be used at home, and the electric charge for 100 km is less than 10 yuan; DC fast charging pile is more suitable for use outside, and the electric charge can be up to 80% within 30 minutes. In many luxury models, all aluminum body is an important selling point, which can bring stronger structure and lighter weight. What you can't imagine is that Chery ant's car has also adopted the all aluminum body II and Changan CS15 e-pro 100000 yuan level market segment, which is a battleground for strategists and gathers a lot of electric vehicles of various brands. In this market, Chang'an CS15 e-pro is a latecomer, just launched in December last year. But in terms of product strength, it can be called a rising star. Excellent interior design has greatly improved its competitiveness. Since November last year, new energy E-Series models have successively appeared, including CS15 e-pro, rush e-star, cs55 e-rock and escape e-life. The four new cars adopt a unified design style, with a high appearance value and outstanding interior decoration. Among them, CS15 e-pro is the first model of Chang'an new energy E series to be sold on the market, with a post price of 1069-126900 yuan. The CS15 e-pro of Chang'an is located in a small size. Its body size is 4135mm × 1740mm × 1630mm, and its wheelbase is 2520mm. The capacity of the battery pack of Changan CS15 e-pro is 48.3kwh, and its NEDC comprehensive driving range is 401km, which is also the general level of the same model. In terms of power, CS15 e-pro is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 120kw (163ps) and a maximum torque of 245nm, which has certain advantages compared with competitive products. Excellent interior design is one of the major competitiveness of Changan CS15 e-pro. Although the interior design of minimalist style is not amazing, the innovative color matching and material application make the whole look very young and present a quite good texture. The dashboard panel adopts a large area of gray environmental protection fabric material, which is very simple and elegant, and its texture is much stronger than the common hard plastic. Other places are wrapped with soft materials, and the sewing effect is made, which improves the sense of quality. The instrument panel does not use a whole large-scale LCD instrument panel, but the display effect is good. In the middle is the dynamic function display area, which contains the vehicle status and various information of the trip computer. The left area displays the battery capacity, and the right area displays the output of the motor. CS15 e-pro's central control screen size is not very large, but the display effect is good. Car engine system is the latest version of Chang'an in call intelligent vehicle interconnection system, which is equipped with a relatively easy-to-use voice control function. Through a sentence of "Hello xiao'an", you can control various functions on the car. There are few physical buttons in the car, and some functions related to vehicle settings are integrated into the central control screen. CS15 e-pro has a small body and a wheelbase of only 2520mm, but the interior space is not limited. The 176cm high experiencer can get about 2 punches of leg space in the back row. Only 2 headrests are provided for the rear seats, and the middle position is not suitable for long-time riding. In addition, there is a certain uplift in the middle of the rear floor, but it will not have a great impact on the comfort. The luggage compartment of CS15 e-pro is very regular with a capacity of 230L. The rear seats can be reclined in four to six proportions to expand the luggage compartment capacity to 1200L. 3、 EX3 mileage anxiety is one of the main reasons why many consumers can't make up their minds to buy electric vehicles. Of course, more mileage is better, but the price will also rise. If you have a limited budget but want to pursue long endurance, then BAIC new energy's EX3 is a good choice. BAIC new energy EX3 R600 model has a comprehensive driving range of 501km, and the price after subsidy starts from 133900 yuan. It's the cheapest model with a 500km + endurance. Most of BAIC's new energy products share the same platform with fuel vehicles. We can easily find their fuel brothers from the Sambo brand. However, EX3 is an exception. It adopts the new electric special platform developed by BAIC new energy. Its long-range and large space advantages are all derived from this. However, EX3 is a model delayed by the beauty value, its market performance is average, and the front face shape may be a big reason. The charging port of Beiqi new energy EX3 is arranged at the front of the car, however, the shape of the charging port cover plate is not very harmonious with the whole front face. If you can accept its appearance, then BAIC new energy EX3 is really a good model. The body size of BAIC new energy EX3 is 4200mm × 1780mm × 1638mm, and the wheelbase is 2585mm. There are many popular design elements in the rear of the car, but the overall appearance is still very common. It can only be said that BAIC new energy EX3 is not a face based model. In contrast, the interior design of BAIC new energy EX3 is relatively good, with lines and different colors highlighting the sense of hierarchy. BAIC new energy EX3 is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, with a variety of display modes to choose from, bringing a good sense of technology. The 9-inch central control panel is suspended and stands on the dashboard. It is equipped with the Darwin system developed by BAIC new energy and has very rich functions. Speech recognition system comes from duer OS of Baidu, with high recognition rate and fast response speed, and good user experience. EX3 adopts the rotary gearshift mechanism commonly used by BAIC new energy Co., Ltd., and its shape is much more exquisite than before. The s and B + / B - at the rear are the motion mode switch and the intensity adjustment button of the energy recovery system, respectively. In terms of space, BAIC new energy EX3 has obvious advantages over competitive products. Thanks to the newly designed pure electric special platform, its space utilization rate is very high. At the same time, EX3 also achieves the full flat floor and sufficient leg support of the seat, which brings good comfort. The luggage compartment is not very large, but it is enough for daily use. If large items need to be loaded, the rear seats can be put down according to the proportion of four to six to expand the luggage compartment space. Due to the adoption of pure electric special platform and highly integrated three in one electric drive system, the power system of BAIC new energy EX3 is smaller in size and more reasonable in layout, which allows the front engine room to have a certain space for storage and further increases

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