Nissan charge charging service continues to expand in Europe

Posted 2024-04-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Automobile announced that with the continuous development of Nissan charge, more and more owners of Nissan LEAF pure electric vehicle in European countries can find the public location of the landing city through the Nissan charge app. In addition to Germany and Italy, which took the lead in opening the business, users in France, Denmark and Sweden are also receiving the service. "Nissan charge app" users only need to register once to search and locate more than 140000 in Europe through the Nissan charge app. User feedback and ev community functions will also ensure that the app is constantly optimized and updated to ensure that the navigation route planning function is more complete and intelligent. The Nissan charge service is developed by plugsurfing, a leading European electric vehicle service provider. In addition to providing search + navigation to the charging station, the Nissan charge app can also remotely suspend and restart the charging process. The Nissan charge service of "Nissan LEAF's zero emission logo" was first launched in Germany and Italy in early October. At present, Nissan has expanded the service, covering France, Denmark and Sweden. In 2020, Nissan charge will further expand its coverage area, landing in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It is worth mentioning that Nissan charge also provides EV community section. Users can provide feedback and scoring for each charging station in EV community, so as to further improve the accuracy of charging station service and navigation route planning. Helen Perry, head of Nissan's European electric vehicle business, said: "the Nissan charge service allows users to make full use of their electric vehicles, and high accessibility and ev community are the core values of the service. With the expansion of Nissan charge in Europe, Nissan LEAF owners will also rely on the service to further meet their personalized needs, making daily travel easier, convenient and efficient. "

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