New products will be launched in the year, new special cars will be updated

Posted 2020-10-26 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, we confirmed through the automobile official that the company will launch two new models within this year, but the specific release time has not been announced yet. In addition, the new special dev 1 will launch a "reduced version" model. The new car is adjusted on the basis of the original configuration model. While reducing the manufacturing cost, it can give consumers a more cost-effective price, and its NEDC endurance mileage will remain the same as 305km of the current model. According to official news, in order to provide consumers with more cost-effective models, Xinte dev 1 will adjust according to the current models, reduce the manufacturing cost while reducing the price, and create a more cost-effective "reduced version" model. However, the NEDC mileage of this version of the model will remain the same as the 305km of the current model to maintain the practicality of the vehicle. In addition, we also learned from the official that the company plans to launch two new models in this year, but the specific release time and model positioning have not been disclosed yet; this will be a "big move" of Xinte automobile after the Sitech dev 1 is launched in August 2018, nearly two years later. We will continue to pay attention to more information about the company's new models.

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