New generation Range Rover or delayed launch of new platform

Posted 2020-09-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to overseas media reports, affected by the epidemic, the new generation originally scheduled to be released in 2021 may be delayed. At present, the restart time of some European plants of Jaguar is set to May 18. Compared with the current model, the new generation Range Rover is equipped with a new platform, and the power system will also be adjusted. According to our understanding, the new generation of range rover will adopt a new family style design style in terms of modeling. Although the new car is wrapped in heavy camouflage, its overall contour has not changed, and it still maintains the heavy feeling of the current model. In terms of the rear part, the new car has gone through a rigorous camouflage, but it can be seen that the rear part is very full and has a clear sense of hierarchy. It is expected that the new car's tail lamp set will also adopt a new style design. In terms of power, the new generation of Range Rover is based on MLA longitudinal platform. At the same time of substantial weight reduction, the new car will be equipped with a new series of Ingenium engines on the entry-level and medium-sized models. In addition, the plug-in hybrid version is also introduced.

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