New SUV with fuel consumption of 1.3L! Trumpchi GS4 PHEV value is not worth buying

Posted 2021-01-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the restriction of new energy license plate, more and more new energy vehicles have entered thousands of households. However, the car often has many disadvantages, such as inconvenient charging, short mileage and so on. The actual use experience is not very friendly. At this time, the plug-in hybrid model is a good choice for daily walking and commuting, and it can also solve the license plate and enjoy the national new energy subsidies and "0" purchase tax and other policies. In the past, plug-in hybrid technology was often applied to joint-venture brand models, but now more and more Chinese brands have mastered this technology and accelerated the promotion of their own plug-in hybrid models. No, on April 18, GAC motor GS4 PHEV officially went on the market and launched three models with a price range of 1638-193800 yuan. The appearance of the new car is basically the same as that of the fuel version. The power is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of 1.5T and electric motor. Under NEDC condition, the pure electric endurance mileage is 61km, and the fuel consumption of 100km of MIIT is 1.3L. So, what is the product strength of this plug-in hybrid model? Is it worth buying? Next, I'll have a good chat with you. Appearance highlights: as a core product of GAC motor, it is not much different from the fuel version GS4. It has been five years. It can be said that it has achieved the rise of the independent brand of GAC. In October last year, the car also completed the listing of the second generation of replacement models. The new car uses the design language of "light and shadow sculpture 3.0", and its overall vision is younger than that of the previous generation Dynamic. Based on the fuel model, the overall appearance change is not as big as expected, only in some details to show their identity. The most prominent part of the front face is the replacement of the chrome trim with the black trim, and the addition of two blue lines representing the identity of its hybrid model, and the larger black part below also makes it more sporty. The side of the car body adopts the floating roof design, and the trumpchi family's iconic three waistline design gives a strong sense of dive. The rear-view mirror adopts two-color design, round and simple shape, and integrates the functions of LED turn light, electric adjustment / folding, electric heating, etc. In terms of body dimensions, the length, width and height are respectively 4545 / 1856 / 1700mm, and the wheelbase is 2680mm. The design of the rear part is exactly the same as that of the fuel version, and the biggest change is the blue element added to the brand logo and the PHEV in the lower right corner. Interior highlights: equipped with a pair of 12.3-inch large screens, the interior of the built-in wechat trumpchi GS4 PHEV also continues to use the fuel version. The overall design and materials for the interior look solid. Of course, the most eye-catching is the two 12.3-inch LCD screens. The "hexagon" design elements used in the first generation of trumpchi GS4 model have also continued, and the large area of soft material package in the car has further improved the texture. The three spoke steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has a delicate feel. The layout and size of multi-function buttons on both sides are just right and easy to operate. The medium and high configuration models are also equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, the display effect and image quality are very delicate. In addition, the adigo intelligent driving Internet Ecosystem on the large screen of the central control system introduces Tencent's ecological vehicle networking solution, which can provide voice control navigation, entertainment, vehicle control, system control and other ecological services. At the same time, the car mounted version of WeChat is still carried in the car, which can be regarded as a simplified version of the function. It does not have a complete operation interface, which is usually hidden and activated by the WeChat icon button on the steering wheel. The operation mode is touch control and voice control to play information content. If the other party sends text content, it will also be converted into voice play. But it is enough to meet the normal use and avoid the security risks brought by using wechat chat while driving. Although the air conditioning system can be operated through the central control screen and voice control, the physical buttons are still retained, and the layout of the buttons in the cockpit of the aircraft also looks more textured. The storage compartment under the center console is large in size, with anti-skid pad at the bottom, two USB interfaces and a 12V power interface. It is worth mentioning that the tray has wireless charging function. The seat shape and material of trumpchi GS4 PHEV are the same as that of the fuel version. The seat shape is similar to the integrated seat, but the headrest can be adjusted up and down, and the seat filler is also moderate, providing a good performance of comfort. The rear seats are flat, the length and angle of the seat cushion are just right, the angle of the backrest can also be adjusted by a small margin, and it is not easy to fatigue when riding for a long time. In addition, the interior of the luggage compartment is relatively regular, the floor is completely flat, and the volume size is also consistent with that of the fuel version, 470l. With the help of "magic seat", the luggage compartment volume can be expanded to 1560l after the second row of seats are fully lowered. What's the power and driving experience? In terms of power, trumpchi GS4 PHEV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system composed of 1.5T engine and motor. The maximum power of 1.5T engine is 110KW (150ps), the maximum torque is 220n · m, the maximum power of driving motor is 130kW (177ps), and the maximum torque is 300N · M. In terms of endurance, a group with a capacity of 13kwh is equipped. In pure electric mode, the endurance mileage of NEDC is 61km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is only 1.3L. The transmission system is matched with a single speed and adopts an electronic gear lever, which is the only difference between trumpchi GS4 PHEV and the fuel version. Behind the P gear button is the eco mode button, which provides three driving modes: normal, eco and i-pedal. In addition to the driving mode, trumpchi GS4 PHEV has four operation modes for users to choose, and the key is located behind the handle. EV is pure electric mode, CHRG is active charging mode, and save is battery holding mode. Press the key, the front light indicates that the mode is started. Another hidden mode is the automatic mode, which will automatically switch between the three according to the actual operation. If the current mode is turned off, the automatic mode will be turned on. In terms of suspension, the front McPherson rear multi link four-wheel independent suspension is adopted, and the overall adjustment of driving experience is consistent with that of the fuel version, all of which are in favor of comfort adjustment. As a result of the increase of the power battery pack, the weight of the car body has increased correspondingly, and the center of gravity has been reduced. Its performance on the curve is more stable than that of the fuel version, and the suppression of the car body attitude is better. There are three modes to adjust the steering force of steering wheel. In standard mode, it is light at low speed and idle speed, and heavy at medium and high speed, which is more convenient for driving. In comfort mode, the steering wheel is lighter, which can be said to take full care of female friends. In sports mode, the steering is heavy, which can give a certain driving passion. It can be said that the driving smoothness and driving texture of the whole vehicle are better than the fuel version. As the first plug-in hybrid model based on GPMA, the new car can achieve 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.3L. For consumers who like trumpchi GS4 products, there is undoubtedly another choice. On the whole, if you have plans to buy plug-in hybrid in the near future, this model is still worth recommending, but it will also face the market challenges of song Pro DM, and other models. How about the future performance, everyone said?

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