Mexican police have scheduled 15 cybertrucks to be used as police vehicles

Posted 2024-04-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

(photo source: official website) Tesla cybertruck has attracted people's attention since its release, including a mayor of Mexico who decided to order 15 cybertruck electric trucks from Tesla and convert them into police vehicles. Last month, Tesla released cybertruck, whose exterior design surprised many people, but some people also focused on the specifications and cost of the car. Adri á n esper C á rdenas, mayor of Ciudad Valles, Potosi, St. Louis, belongs to the latter. According to the mayor, Tesla's electric trucks have great potential to be used as police and municipal vehicles. "We took a picture and I'll send it to Elon Musk to see if they can offer some discounts," he said He revealed that in order to book the 15 trucks, he used 30000 pesos of resources, equivalent to a month's salary. C á rdenas revealed that he had ordered 10 dual motor and five three motor versions of Tesla cybertruck. He believes that the efficiency of the C á rdenas electric motor can help the city reduce fleet emissions. Around the world, more and more police stations are booking or purchasing Tesla vehicles. At Tesla's headquarters, a used Tesla Model s was purchased and converted into a patrol car by the city's police department. The Luxembourg police also converted two cars into patrol cars, and Switzerland has the world's largest patrol fleet of Tesla vehicles. Earlier this year, the police department in bargersville, Indiana, began upgrading its fleet to model 3 vehicles after a study found that driving an electric vehicle costs much less than a fuel vehicle. However, police stations in some places prefer larger vehicles, and Tesla cybertruck may be a very rare electric truck that can act as a police car. Tesla said it would bring cybertruck to market by the end of 2021.

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