May day has no place to play? Test drive these five electric cars

Posted 2021-03-06 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

It's May Day holiday in another two weeks, but because of the epidemic, it's not realistic to go out and have fun. We have to find new ways to kill time. Especially in a city like Beijing, it's going to take 14 days to get out of Beijing. It's going to kill people. What can I do for a five-day holiday? Maybe it's a good idea to test drive a new car. Today, I'd like to share with you five electric vehicles, all of which have just been released or just launched. It should be a good arrangement to experience one in a day. 1. On model 34 / 10, Tesla just released a long-term and high-performance version of model 3, which is the most popular electric vehicle in the near future. Long endurance version, with a endurance of 668km, starts at 339050 yuan. The high-performance version starts at 419800 yuan before the subsidy. Very reliable price, industry benchmark level configuration performance, very worthy of close experience. Today's latest news, Tesla officially opened a cat shop. Can you see if your flowers are enough to buy one? 2. Taycan said in March that the first electric vehicle of Porsche brand taycan will be delivered in China by the end of April. The first models to be delivered are taycan turbo with the price starting from RMB 1.498 million and taycan Turbo S with the price starting from RMB 1.798 million. As the most expensive electric vehicle in the market, taycan is a synonym for luxury electric vehicles. Although taycan may not be as good as Tesla Model s in acceleration and many other aspects, its luxury is absolutely crushing on Tesla. Therefore, to experience electric vehicles, Porsche taycan should never be missed. 3. The new es8 Yulai is the first group of new domestic car building forces, with absolute No.1 brand influence and product power. The new es8 not only complements the short board of insufficient endurance, but also upgrades the details comprehensively. It is said that there are 188 optimization points. The new car has been mass produced on April 15 and will be officially delivered to users on April 19. The pinnacle of domestic brands, user service is leading the industry reputation, it is also worth feeling. 4. Xiaopeng P7 is the first electric car of a new force in car building and the first luxury electric car of a domestic brand. Since its birth, Xiaopeng P7 has been highly concerned by the industry and users. On April 27, Xiaopeng P7 mass production version will be officially released. As the most powerful brand with Tesla gene, plus years of localization experience, Xiaopeng P7 is worth looking forward to. Feel it when you have time. Feel the extraordinary charm of domestic smart cars. 5. Zero run S01, which has a range of 451 km and starts at 129900 yuan, was officially launched on April 15. If there is nothing special about the highlights, appearance and performance, but as an entry-level electric vehicle, the brand's genes are still purer than those of the oil to electricity model. Take a look. I wish you all a happy test drive. I hope you can share your feelings after the test drive and give more prospective car owners some reference for purchase.

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