Lucid's first electric car, air extreme cold test, with a endurance of more than 640km

Posted 2020-11-27 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With the novel coronavirus April 2020 cancelled, the first production of Lucid's first model Air, the world's first launch vehicle, was postponed. The exhibition of the New York's car fair was replaced by a temporary hospital to contribute to New York's fight against new coronavirus. Lucid, on the other hand, is also preparing for air's final mass production, releasing a video of a new car undergoing extreme cold tests in northern Minnesota. As we all know, every car needs to be tested for extreme cold in winter before it is put on the market, so lucid brought the air to the north of Minnesota a few months ago, where the temperature is as low as - 33 ℃. In the past winter of 2019, lucid's two air prototypes (beta 4 and beta 5) have challenged four different types of adverse road conditions: the ring track, the ice, the snow and the handling track. In cold weather, electric vehicles tend to have more advantages, because the motor can change the torque within a few milliseconds, so it is not easy to slip, and it is easier to recover from the slip state. Similar tests will allow engineers to calibrate the ABS, traction control and body stability control systems in severe ground conditions to ensure that the new car has stable handling regardless of the road conditions. According to the video released by lucid, the air beta prototype is being tested in icy Minnesota, with deep snow and smooth ice in the background. The biggest highlight is the ice drift of air, which may not be what ordinary car owners will do on normal roads, but the video looks quite exciting, which is more attractive than the daily record like vlog. After years of development and some delays, lucid is preparing to release a mass air release later in 2020. Considering the global spread novel coronavirus, the auto sales market is also in a low ebb. Perhaps postponing the release of Lucid may be a better strategy. It is understood that the air's range is expected to reach the world's best 400 miles (640 kilometers) or more, while using 900 volt technology, it can achieve high-power fast charging. The power is also equipped with a four-wheel drive powertrain that provides more than 1000 horsepower, which is likely to become one of the highest performance vehicles in the world. Lucid has opened the air long-range electric car online booking, through lucid's official website to pay a refundable deposit of $1000 to book an ultra-high-performance electric car. For more information about lucid air, please follow Sina's follow-up report.

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