Low fuel consumption, strong power, and cheap! Recommendation of 3 super high cost performance hybrid SUVs

Posted 2020-11-11 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Want to enjoy the low energy consumption of electric vehicles in daily commuting? Do you want to have a weekend outing without worrying about the mileage? What's important is to be cheap? Today I would like to recommend three types of plug-in hybrid with high cost performance, low fuel consumption, strong power and low price! The price covers 125800-17000 yuan to help consumers with such needs choose from. ■ recommended model of beyue Epro: base / higher / super version manufacturer's guide price: 12.58/13.58/149800 Yuan pure electric endurance mileage: 62km level: highlights of small SUV model: 10.25 inch touch screen, cn95 high efficiency composite air conditioning filter element of vehicle specification level, acceleration of 100km 6.9 seconds, L2 level intelligent driving, 130000 level only plug-in hybrid SUV, high cost performance! The newly launched Geely bingyue Epro has a starting price of 130000 yuan and a top matching price of 149800 yuan. It is the only plug-in hybrid SUV in this pricing area with high overall cost performance, which is highly competitive in the market. In terms of appearance, the new car basically continues the design style of the current model, with body dimensions of 4330 × 1800 × 1609mm and wheelbase of 2600mm. On the basis of the whole, the new car adopts two-color design, with sports grille, black wheel hub, red calipers, black roof and bilateral four out exhaust design, showing a sense of movement everywhere. In terms of interior decoration, it is also a two-color design as a whole, which adds an interior sports atmosphere. With multi-functional steering wheel, 10.25 inch touch screen, electronic shifter and so on, the interior has a strong sense of technology. In terms of intelligent interconnection, the whole system of beoyue Epro is equipped with Geely's latest gkui 19 intelligent ecosystem, which can realize the interconnection of mobile phones, car phones and smart homes. In addition, the new car is equipped with the "vehicle specification level cn95" air conditioning filter element, which can purify the air in the car. The new car is equipped with 1.5td + 7dcth + motor power system and AI intelligent energy actuarial system. It has five intelligent driving modes of pure electricity, economy, comfort, sports and forced charging. It can realize acceleration of 100km for 6.9s and comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km for 1.4L. In pure electric mode, the endurance can reach 62km. The launch of profun Pro broke the bottom line of the price of the same model, even if the top matching is less than 150000. To the limited budget, want to start plug-in hybrid models of consumers to add options. ■ recommended model: intelligent version manufacturer's guide price: 163800 Yuan pure electric endurance mileage: 61km level: compact SUV model highlights: GAC trumpchi classic model, outstanding appearance, equipped with g-health health cockpit, 100 km comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.3L, pure electric endurance of 61km. It's also trumpchi GS4 PHEV, which is just on the market. You can buy a low configuration intelligent version within 170000 yuan. The new car is built based on GPMA structure of GAC, with length, width and height of 4545 / 1856 / 1668 (1700 with luggage rack) mm and wheelbase of 2680mm. In terms of appearance, the new car is basically the same as the fuel model, adopting trumpchi family Lingyun wing 3.0 design language. The air intake grille has been improved, and the front face looks more refined. In terms of interior decoration, the new car is in line with the second generation. The central control adopts the design of two star instrument panel with light edge, which matches the 3.5-inch liquid crystal instrument and 8-inch central control panel (12.3-inch full liquid crystal instrument and central control panel are equipped with the medium and high configuration versions). The adigo intelligent driving Internet Ecosystem equipped with the large central control panel introduces Tencent's ecological vehicle networking solution, which can provide ecological services such as voice control navigation, entertainment, vehicle control, system control, etc. With the bucket sports seat, the shape is shorter and the stop bar is sharper, and the overall interior is more recognizable. The new car is also equipped with g-health health cockpit, through the selection of environmental protection materials and standard cn95 level protective filter element, plus PM2.5 filtration and other intelligent air purification system. As shown in the picture, trumpchi GS4 PHEV is the first compact plug-in hybrid SUV based on GAC GPMA architecture. It is equipped with a set of 1.5T three cylinder engine and drive motor system, which matches g-mc electromechanical coupling system and provides pure electric, extended range and hybrid driving modes. Among them, the maximum power of the engine is 110KW, the maximum torque is 220n · m; the maximum power of the driving motor is 130kW, the maximum torque is 300N · m, and the 100 km acceleration of the whole vehicle is 9.9 seconds. Pure electric endurance is about 61km. ■ song Pro new energy recommended model: four wheel drive performance version comfort manufacturer's guide price: 169800 Yuan pure electric endurance mileage: 81km level: compact SUV model highlights: rich configuration, pure electric endurance up to 81 km. In terms of appearance, the Dragon Face 2 design language is used for the front face of BYD song Pro new energy, and the "dragon claw" image is clearly used for the interior design of the headlamp, which is quite recognizable. The whole interior tends to be simple and family style. The central control is equipped with a rotatable large screen and dilink intelligent network system, which can download various Android Software. In addition, the central control screen slightly deflects to the main driving position at a certain angle, which is more convenient for operation. As a low configuration model of the whole series, the comfortable type can be equipped with everything, such as ESP, autohold, reversing image with auxiliary line, dual zone automatic air conditioning, etc. The most important thing is that even as the minimum configuration, there is no reduction in power. The 100km acceleration is 6.5s, and the pure electric endurance is 81 km. ■ Bang's review model takes power and fuel consumption into account, and can enjoy preferential policies in most cities, without worrying about the mileage. But because of its complex power system, the price of the whole car is relatively high. Here is a special introduction to three cars with low price and high cost performance. Did you pick one you like?

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