Long endurance is the last word! These electric vehicles have a endurance of over 600km, which can be bought this year

Posted 2021-03-24 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

At the end of 2019, aion LX pulled electric vehicles into the era of 600km endurance. This year, Xiaopeng P7 pushed the industry into 700km. 6、 700 kilometers of endurance can alleviate the anxiety of consumers to a large extent. Today, I would like to recommend some models with a endurance of more than 600 kilometers. Some of them have been put on the market and some are ready to be launched. You can choose according to your own purchase plan and budget. It should be noted that many cars don't have a full range of 600km, so we only list the models that meet the demand and their prices. First look at the several models that have been put on the market: ■ aion LX model: 80 / 80D / 80D Max price: 27.96/29.96/349600 Yuan comprehensive endurance mileage: 650 / 600 / 600km level: medium-sized SUVs look like this, the cheapest 80 version has the longest endurance, because 80 version is the front drive, and the latter two are all four-wheel drive vehicles. As a medium-sized SUV, you don't need to worry about the configuration of this car. Aion LX perfectly inherits and carries forward the family tradition of "more options". There are seven options in the 80 and 80D versions, including appearance, interior, comfort, intelligent driving assistance, etc.; there are four options in the 80D max, which you can choose according to your needs. Aion LX's endurance is pretty good. In last winter's "lying down competition" held by E-state, aion LX really went from dawn to dark, and finally won the championship. For specific test, please click here ~ ■ GAC Weilai hycan007 model: plus version / top version / starship version / private customized version price: 28.28/30.3/34/400000 Yuan comprehensive endurance mileage: 643km delivery time: may level: medium-sized SUV as a joint venture product of GAC, hycan 007 and aion LX are from the same platform, and body data is also the same as aion LX Almost the same; although the interior materials are not as luxurious as the US6, they are also matched with a large number of leather to ensure comfort and a good sense of luxury. Before that, we had a real photo analysis of the car. Here's what we want to see. The car is also equipped with a smart assistant similar to NOMI - small can; another highlight is that the sky eye UAV can be selected and the car control can be supported; the "7" shaped triple screen of the central control is also a very distinctive design. Hycan 007 will be delivered in the form of hycan + Weilai delivery center + GAC cooperative store, and after-sales service will be delivered in the form of exclusive hycan flight service team + GAC after-sales cooperative store. So you don't have to worry about the new brand's car inspection, delivery and after-sales maintenance. In two days, we will write an article about how to buy hycan 007, aion LX and Weilai ES6. You can pay attention to the three interested friends. ■ China model 3 model: long-term version price: 33905000 Yuan comprehensive range: 668km delivery time: June level: medium-sized cars don't say anything, enough to lead the old owners to defend their rights once again, long-term version of model 3, which is quite fragrant. Compared with the standard endurance version, the price is increased by 40000 yuan, and 223km of endurance, luxury audio, front and rear seat heating and other configurations have been purchased. Combined with Tesla's brand positioning and industry standards, this money is very cost-effective. Recently, I also heard that some friends are struggling. If the budget is about 350000 yuan, is the money added to the FSD or the endurance? I think the essence of the problem is that we are relatively poor I'm joking. In fact, I suggest you make sure that endurance and technology are necessities of life? Which is luxury? Lack of who will have a serious impact on your car and other issues; read some theories such as consumer behavior to avoid being fooled by Tesla's sales, so that it will be easier to buy a car. ■ Tesla Model S model: long endurance / high-performance version price: 79.39/893900 Yuan comprehensive endurance mileage: 660 / 650km level: everyone's attention has been taken away by model 3 recently, almost forgetting that it's a car with a long endurance of more than 600km. The 2.6s 100 mile acceleration of performance version makes other electric vehicles hard to catch up with. Although from the perspective of "cost performance", the model is far inferior to the version, if you want a bigger and cooler Tesla than the model 3, you can consider it. ■ Aichi U5 model: PRO + version price: 292100 Yuan comprehensive endurance mileage: 623km level: the 600km endurance of medium-sized SUV is obtained by adding a package, which is officially called "B package of endurance". Package B is located in the interior of the rear compartment and can provide an additional 120 km range for the vehicle. In addition, although the vehicle is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, the actual wheelbase is about 2800mm, which is larger than the compact level, but there is still a certain gap compared with the 2900mm wheelbase of aion LX and other models. Therefore, it seems to take the way of "dislocation competition" and "big vs Small". To be honest, if you really want to buy Ericsson U5, I suggest you buy Pro version with a endurance of 503km, because compared with the model 3 above, it's not cost-effective to pay more than 40000 yuan for a 120km endurance; of course, if you really love this 623km endurance Ericsson U5, don't care what I say, just buy it. The above is the 600km + electric vehicle already on the market, and there is another wave of products to be on the market. Let's have a look! If you are not in a hurry to buy a car, you can wait for them. ■ Xiaopeng P7 model: the pre-sale price of rear drive ultra long endurance version: 240000-370000 yuan (all series, not 600km + model) comprehensive endurance mileage: 656 / 706km time to market: April 27 level: I'm tired of the medium-sized car, and the sales of Xiaopeng come to call to ask if I want to buy it, I believe you've been swiped by the car recently, so there's not much to talk about here. In a word, this is a car with a wheelbase of 3 m, the longest endurance, which can be achieved with all the performance of selfie technology, and will be on the market soon! Model 3 be careful! ■ hanev model: unknown price: unknown comprehensive endurance mileage: 605km time to market: June level: the information of hanev, a medium-sized sedan, has been revealed in 78. At present, it seems that its highlights are blade battery and BYD dipilot intelligent driving assistance system. As the flagship model of BYD family, the new dragon face, dilink and other configurations must be available. Although the endurance mileage is slightly inferior to model 3 and P7, the good product and brand power still make many fans willing to wait for it. If you don't excessively pursue super high endurance, you can wait for BYD China ev to go public, and then prepare to buy a car after integrating factors such as price, appearance, endurance and configuration. ■ Weima 7 series models: unknown price: unknown comprehensive endurance mileage: more than 700km debut time: may level: compared with Han EV and Xiaopeng P7, Weima 7 series revealed a little less information. At present, we only know that it is a medium-sized car (unknown size), with a range of more than 700km, and equipped with L3 level auxiliary and adaptive 5g technology living engine 3.0 system and intelligent cockpit. Let's not guess. Let's wait until May to see each other. ■ e-rock model: unknown price: unknown comprehensive endurance mileage: 605km time to market: June level: compact SUV has appeared as early as last year, but little information has been disclosed subsequently. From the existing information, the car is based on Changan cs55 plus, and the design of cs55 plus is basically continued in the exterior and interior. The Changan e-rock is BYD's, with an energy density of 160 WH / kg. The combination of Changan and BYD in the industry is quite interesting. Of course, for consumers, BYD's battery has brought us a 605km endurance, which is enough. ■ model: unknown price: unknown comprehensive endurance mileage: 605km time to market: level in the first half of the year: before the compact car, Roewe I6 already had a plug-in hybrid model - but this pure electric version is not only a replacement of the power combination. The pure electric version has a new appearance. It is the first mass production vehicle designed by Jizhi. The front face adopts a fully enclosed grille design. The headlights and the lower air intake also have a more impact and power sense. This air intake is not only a decoration, but also a "part-time" active air intake system, which can effectively reduce the wind resistance and guide and heat the battery under the chassis. We can also see that there is a millimeter wave radar under the front face, and the biggest difference between this car and the previous Roewe model is the logo. The original logo in red and black color is replaced by the "Roewe" letter. Although the battery capacity of ei6 has not been exposed, the energy density of the battery system is as high as 180.1wh/kg. The 605km endurance brought by this is very rare in the same class. If you don't want a car as big as the hanev, it's good to see this brand-new Roewe. ■ Bang commented and summarized that if you want to bring up an electric vehicle with a range of 600km right now, I suggest you choose aion LX, model s and Aichi U5, because other models that have been put on the market need to wait several months before they are actually delivered; if you are not in a hurry, you can wait for this year's heavy-duty products, such as Xiaopeng P7 and BYD hanev to make a decision after they are put on the market.

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