Long endurance and big space recognized by JAC / Geely owners comment on BYD E6400

Posted 2020-08-28 00:26:27 +0000 UTC

EV century invited several riders to experience the 400 kilometer vehicle model at the request of the majority of riders. We invited three car owners to tell us what they feel about their E6 in real life. Mr. Li, who is engaged in it operation and maintenance, drives the JAC iev5. He drove the JAC iev3 before, because the car lacks fast charging, and later changed to JAC iev5. The car is mainly used for daily commuting. Mr. Li's most outstanding impression of E6 is that the brake is very sensitive. The car's configuration is very high, including many practical functions such as blind area camera. The central control screen can also play TV. Mr. Wang Zihe is an old driver with 20 years' driving experience. He has driven a fuel car for many years and has also chosen the first new energy in China, JAC iev6s. For this experience of E6, Mr. Wang said that he was very satisfied with the space of E6. His own is a small SUV. There is still some gap between the space and the model. But even though the E6's sitting posture is very high, the ground clearance can't compare with its SUV. Compared with other car owners, Mr. Wang, who has rich experience, especially praised the A-pillar triangle window of BYD E6. For such a wide MPV model, Mr. Wang said that the triangle window can increase the vision in front of the side when turning, which is quite convenient and practical. It's just that the instrument is far away from the driver, so the instrument area is relatively small and the degree is not very clear. For the long endurance of E6, Mr. Wang said that he bought the SUV model to take his children out to play on weekends. At this time, long endurance is very necessary. Mr. Dong, who drives the emho EV, has driven many electric vehicles by using the way of time sharing lease for a long time before purchasing. Mr. Dong said that the recognition degree of E6 is the one with high recognition degree among the electric vehicles on the market. It can be recognized as an E6 on the street from a distance, but the interior decoration is slightly behind. Mr. Dong said that in actual use, the maintenance of the charging post can not keep up with the actual use demand. It is likely that the surrounding charging post will queue up or be damaged when charging is needed. At this time, the model with long endurance will have certain advantages. With the same percentage of remaining power, E6 has a larger battery capacity and a longer battery life, so you can choose a charging point calmly. In addition, long endurance cars charge less every week. Finally, Mr. Li summed up his daily car experience with E6 owners. E6 is indeed remarkable in terms of comfort configuration, which is basically comparable to fuel vehicles of the same price. There are many electric / automatic configurations, such as automatic headlights lighting up automatically at night, automatic wipers adjusting the frequency of hanging water according to the rainfall, and electric seats for the driver and the passenger are very convenient. In addition, the external discharge function of E6 is also very convenient for picnic. The car owners also pointed out some shortcomings of BYD E6. The most outstanding one is that the owners of JAC said that the steering of BYD E6 is heavy, and they will feel tired when driving at low speed. The owners of Geely pointed out that the suspension of BYD E6 is a little hard, of course, it is necessary to support the weight of the car by 2.4 tons, the shock absorption with large damping and the tires with high tire pressure. Finally, the owners of BYD E6 pointed out that the E6 automatically turns off energy recovery when the power is more than 90% and automatically turns on when the power is less than 90%. The vehicle's sliding distance is different after the accelerator pedal is released, which will make it difficult for drivers to adapt to the change of following distance in a short time. Through the owner's comments, we found that the current consumers have a positive attitude towards the large space / long endurance of E6, and the owner of E6 also described the driving convenience brought by E6 in terms of configuration. However, due to the earlier research and development, there has been no formal model change, such as power steering and other aspects of E6 and the current driving habits of drivers seem to be somewhat inconsistent. Author: Xu Qing

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