Launch the first show of AGCO U6 ion online on March 3

Posted 2022-07-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in February 28, 2020, which was announced by the Organizing Committee of the Geneva motor show. The new Geneva auto show, which was scheduled to open in March 3rd, was cancelled due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This resulted in many new cars or delayed debut or online releases planned to be unveiled at Geneva motor show. Car house learned from AGCO auto officials that the first show of AGCO U6 ion and the release of U5 in Europe will be online on March 3, 2020. "Aichi U6 ion design sketch" after Aichi U5, Aichi automobile released the design sketch of its second model, U6 ion, on February 19, 2020. The new car will come from the same platform in U5, and was originally scheduled for the world's first show in 2020 Geneva auto show. Now, the car may appear online. From the perspective of design sketch, U6 ion retains the family style design style, and adds new design elements such as irregular head lamp, black mesh decoration, etc. The car has a clear back shape, cross-border style, and many waistlines are designed to outline a very smooth car side line. With large-size wheels, the car side visual effect is eye-catching. The rear design of the car is complex, and the inverted U-shaped light belt improves the identification. In addition to the first show of U6 ion, AGCO originally planned to use the opportunity of Geneva auto show to launch the European version of U5, and announced its market strategy of entering Europe. We learned from the official of Aichi automobile that although the Geneva auto show was cancelled, the first new car show and U5 sales will still take place online. Please look forward to it.

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