Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover will jointly contribute 8 million yuan

Posted 2023-02-18 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

China novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is being coordinated and concerted efforts are being made nationwide. Land Rover (China) Investment Co., Ltd. jointly with Chery Jaguar Cars Ltd has decided to donate RMB 8 million yuan for the current epidemic prevention and control support and the prevention of major epidemic diseases in primary school and primary school. The donation will be 5 million yuan to Hubei Charity Federation, which will be mainly used in Wuhan city and other areas with severe epidemic situation in Hubei Province, to purchase medical, medical and living materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control, and to provide physical and mental health protection and child care services for front-line medical staff and medical volunteers participating in rescue. At the same time, another 3 million yuan of the donation will be used to establish a special public welfare fund for "prevention and control of major epidemic diseases among young people" jointly with Song Qingling foundation of China, focusing on the construction of epidemic prevention facilities in primary and secondary schools, epidemic prevention education for young people and psychological counseling for young people, so as to further improve the prevention awareness and control ability of epidemic diseases in primary and secondary schools. Here, Jaguar Land Rover China and Jaguar Land Rover jointly pay high tribute to all the medical staff who have bravely fought in the front line of fighting against the epidemic and all the people who have stuck to their posts for epidemic protection! Facing the epidemic, you are the strongest guard of people's life and health! I hope that through this donation, you and I will work together for the final victory over the epidemic! Come on, Wuhan guard, we are always with you!

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