It's dangerous to change the logo every time. Rongwei has changed two of them this time

Posted 2021-01-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In recent years, the automobile industry has been very popular in changing the car logo, in order to boost the spirits and keep up with the trend of the times. But we don't think that the simple courtyard behind the door has become Penglai palace because of the decoration of the door. In fact, every standard change is accompanied by danger. It will remind everyone to pay attention to whether the core of the enterprise has been updated and upgraded. If it is well done, the return will be great. If the soup is changed without changing the medicine, it will hurt the consumer trust. In the live broadcast of the opening ceremony of the 8th SAIC design international challenge, Shao Jingfeng, deputy general designer and global design director of SAIC Group Technology Center, presented the design manuscript of brand new r-mark and Huanxin lion mark, Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of SAIC passenger car company, also confirmed in the presence of us, and quickly replied to our questions. At this point, SAIC Rongwei launched the "double standard" speculation. How to realize the upward commitment of the new r-mark? Among the "double marks", the design of the new r-mark is the most attractive. It will extract the representative letter "R" of Rongwei brand separately for flat design, which will become the exclusive vehicle logo of the middle and high-end new energy of its own. There are different opinions on the beauty of the car logo. Today we focus on the core. Rongwei launched the exclusive vehicle logo of medium and high-end new energy, obviously aiming at the domestic high-end electric vehicle market with strong demand but limited opportunities. With experience in hand, who wants to be a passer-by? And the choice of flat design, I think, is not only to follow the trend, but also to fit the core demands of high-end new energy. There are three flat communication cores: more efficient communication; younger design; more cutting-edge technology. The so-called flattening, the core is to reduce complexity and simplify. For example, UI design is to see that it can improve the efficiency of map recognition. This concept is transmitted to cars, which means providing more efficient and considerate services. This is a pain point for middle and high-end brand owners. Time is money. In an interview on April 14, the next thing to be done in "brand new R standard" was introduced. "R standard will adopt a new marketing service network to make a new mode of landing and exploration in the whole value chain, and will provide users with a more digital and intelligent service experience of new energy car watching, car selection, test run, car purchase, car use and travel." Specifically, it will provide the new mode of netgreen, and the client will launch new services such as code car watching, in-depth test drive and new consumption subscription mode. On the sales side, new financial services, new shared operations, new interactive social networking and new smart living room services will be proposed. Rongwei brand has been improving its service quality. For example, the super user service plan launched by Marvel x covers four major vehicle scenarios, including maintenance, energy, insurance and travel, with 11 service contents. As for the second point, it has a lot to do with its lightweight design. Corresponding to the car, it means that the design is young and sporty. In fact, this has always been the main feature of SAIC Roewe. For example, the 19.4-inch super large central control screen of Marvel x located on the auxiliary instrument panel is designed to catch the eye, open the sport mode, and the surging back pushing feeling is quite cool. In particular, SAIC Rongwei will also launch "smart design", which aims to fully mobilize the capabilities of three laboratories, namely, SAIC Rongwei design strategy research, computational design and visual design. In other words, more AI, AR and other technologies will be introduced into the design of Roewe. In the past, a car model may only have 100 sketches, but now it is upgraded to 10000, which greatly improves the efficiency. After matching the market research of the design strategy research laboratory for screening, you can more accurately grasp the changing needs of young users. Jizhi design represents the future design direction, which is very consistent with the spirit of r-mark. The third feature of flattening is linked to "more cutting-edge technology", because the last round of design boom broke out in the field of science and technology. The intelligent and pioneering thinking of the representatives of science and technology enterprises enriched the core of flattening. Now landing on the car, it can be electrified, intelligent, technological and other breakthrough elements. In terms of electrification, the R logo will include a full range of pure electric vehicles, including the flagship Marvel series and the car Er series. The series is also under planning. It seems that the R logo will not be alone. Of course, pure electricity is the general trend, but there are still many difficulties, which is why many enterprises can only stare at one or two models, or even delay in delivery. What are the advantages of Roewe? I think Roewe has launched Marvel x, erx5 and ei5 pure electric products with different levels and different positioning. I believe that the R & D and operation experience of these models will provide support for the future development of the products. In addition to the richness of products, in terms of the existing "three electric" technology accumulation, Rongwei will soon launch platform electric drive solutions and power compatibility platform solutions, which is also a big focus. Professional modular customization for products with different needs is the general trend of medium and high-end models. As for science and technology, Rongwei is the earliest brand among its own brands to implement the intelligent Internet connection, and its implementation efforts are also very strong. For example, in 2019, through the largest OTA air upgrade in the world, the whole system of Rongwei Internet automobile intelligent system was upgraded to version 3.0, with a total time of only 10-15 minutes. The change and invariability of the new Lion Logo r logo, as a whole series of car logo, can naturally rush into the sky without any scruple, but the change of the lion logo should be careful. If we change it directly, we can't accept it emotionally. SAIC Rongwei's classic Lion Logo was born in 2006. Among them, two standing Oriental lions symbolize China. Huabiao is a classic totem of Chinese culture. It contains the national prestige and the moral of farsightedness. It carries the determination and confidence to build a Chinese brand into a new international brand classic. 2.2 million car owners can watch it. Looking at the new lion logo, the main design has not changed, but it adopts a more concise style, and the whole is indeed more concise and younger. Yu Jingmin believes that "new lion logo will carry out youth innovation and promote better upgrading of Rongwei brand." Is that true? Then I'm relieved to listen to the following: "in order to create a new generation of young people's travel fashion products, SAIC Rongwei will launch the first model of Rongwei rx5 plus with the new Lion Logo. It will apply "emerging aesthetics" and "digital rhythm" of Roewe digital design for the first time, and highlight the national trend of Roewe with the help of comprehensive computing design. " The new lion logo is matched with the color of "Ronglin grey + yinghuang", which has a strong sense of metal texture and technology. In addition to the three-dimensional suspension wingspan grid, parametric emerging wing Lin texture, gray and black five spoke wheel hub, the most attractive design is its high-energy matrix headlamp and quantum touring tail lamp. What young people hate most now is "embarrassment". It's better not to "embarrassment". The technology element of the rx5 plus lamp group is very strong, and at the same time, it has a high degree of correspondence with the shape, so it will not be very abrupt. I believe that with this car as a signal, the design ability of Rongwei brand will go further in the future. Summary since the beginning of spring, SAIC Rongwei has aroused a lot of conjectures. What's unexpected is that at the eighth SAIC design international challenge competition themed "looking for the future star of automobile design", Shao Jingfeng and Yu Jingmin talked and laughed about the serious bid change to the official. Now think about it. It's also right to announce it on this occasion. The challenge is to provide a platform for young talented designers to prove themselves. Online live broadcasting is also a popular mode for young people. At the same time, it fits the core purpose of brand renewal. It's really brilliant.

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