It's a good choice for middle-aged people to change cars. The actual photo of Volkswagen's new exploration in Yueh, with 2 oils per 100 kilometers, is over 100 in 8 seconds

Posted 2021-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With a budget of less than 300000 yuan, how to choose a medium-sized SUV? Two days ago, old Zhu next door finally wanted to change his old Feidu of Guo Ⅲ, ready to buy a one-step car. You can buy 2.0T and 4WD at this price, but when you drive in the city every day, the fuel consumption is not a big problem. Another option is the SUV we introduced: plug in hybrid. Although the displacement is not large, and there is no four-wheel drive, but the power performance is not poor, and the fuel consumption performance is gratifying. You don't need to worry about the carbon deposition of the engine when you walk around in traffic jams every day. Today, let's take a look. Is the latest GTE model, this original German flavor SUV a good choice. Finally, I will welcome my German brother: GTE. Although the power system is almost the same, but with the title of "GTE", it seems that the bloodline is more pure. In fact, the performance of Tianyue GTE is also worthy of the audience: according to our actual measurement, the 0-100km / h acceleration time of this car is 8.3 seconds, and the official value is very true. In addition to the German plug-in hybrid two brothers, the joint venture brand of SUV at this price can be put together for comparison, that is, haoying and their hybrid versions. Taking Honda haoying as an example, its hybrid version is a HEV model, which is equipped with a 2.0L engine + electric motor hybrid power system. In terms of performance and fuel saving, it is still slightly inferior to the exploratory GTE. On the whole, the GTE maintains the powerful body contour of the fuel version of the vehicle, and multiple details of the whole vehicle show the identity of its new energy products. Compared with the fuel version, this plug-in hybrid SUV is less wild, and has a stronger urban fashion style. If most of the scenes are commuting in the city, I would like to explore that Yueyue GTE is more suitable for your temperament. According to the information we have obtained at present, the selling price of Tianyue GTE will be lower than that of tuguan l PHEV (from 282800). In most cities except Beijing, you can enjoy the preferential treatment of license plate policy. If you have a fixed parking space in your home, the car cost will be further reduced. Back to the actual car purchase demand of the old Zhu next door: 300000 yuan budget to buy a step-by-step SUV, daily in the city, or self driving travel to run high-speed. From the perspective of power, fuel consumption and configuration, this exploratory GTE is a very recommended choice. We will also carry out dynamic test on this model later. Please continue to pay attention to the online car market.

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