Investigation on the cost of car maintenance in Weima Ex5

Posted 2020-11-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

As the "master Huadan" (parameter | inquiry) since its launch, Weima Ex5 has been ranked in the forefront of the sales volume of new forces of car building with its outstanding product strength. In the public praise of real car owners, Weima Ex5 has also been highly praised in terms of power, space, etc. Of course, in addition to the power, space and other hard indicators, for the majority of model users, the cost of using a car is also a key reference when choosing a car to buy a car. In this regard, can Vemma Ex5 deliver a satisfactory answer sheet? Conclusion: compared with the pure electric vehicle that we had investigated before, there are two main characteristics in the maintenance of the EX5: first, routine inspection is not only the time to collect the work; the second is that there are more items that need to be replaced in the first 60 thousand km. It is not necessary to replace the wipers and 12V in most models. However, combined with a long maintenance interval of 1 year or 10000 km and regular inspection without additional charge, the maintenance cost of Vemma Ex5 is not significantly higher than that of other models of the same level, which is still acceptable. However, the low power consumption makes the overall car maintenance cost more cost-effective. It can be said that choosing the Vemma Ex5 will not bring additional cost burden to the owners. (Zhao congdi, the home of cars / pictures) buy Weima Ex5 and enjoy 1000 yuan of cash back. Rush!

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