Insight lidar launches ultra-high resolution lidar sensor object recognition faster and more accurate

Posted 2023-04-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to foreign media reports, insight lidar launched the lidar sensor digital coherent lidar Gamma This is a ultra-high resolution long-range lidar sensor for emerging automotive market. Insight's sensor integrates a number of key technologies to provide a low-cost, chip level lidar, which not only has sensitivity to low reflectivity objects 200 meters away, but also has ultra-high resolution, with object pixels increased by 10 to 20 times. The ultra high resolution combined with the direct Doppler speed makes the sensing system identify and classify objects faster, and also provides key information to meet the complex edge scene requirements of autopilot. (photo source: Insight LiDAR) lidar is the most important sensor for autopilot. According to the third quarter of pitchbook 2019 emerging tech mobility report, "lidar technology is a computing intensive way to provide distance, speed and depth information, which is critical for automotive and autonomous driving applications." However, the traditional lidar sensors are unable to meet all the key performance, cost and reliability requirements at the same time, and these characteristics are essential for the widespread deployment of safe self driving vehicles. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of high-resolution medicine and industrial imaging, insight lidar combines functional technology and patent technology to finally produce a small, robust sensor, digital coherent lidar, which meets all key performance, reliability and cost requirements. Insight lidar's patent portfolio includes not only laser light source design and control, which is critical to FMCW detection technology, but also the key system IP to achieve high-resolution, large field of view and long-distance exposure. Insight LiDAR CEO Michael Minneman said, "auto driving vehicle perception is a very difficult problem." However, it is difficult for lidar to meet different system specifications. In order to provide a safe and effective point cloud for the sensing system, 20 or more key indicators must be met at the same time, and must be integrated in one architecture. In addition, the architecture must be able to achieve low-cost mass production. Based on more than 12 years of technological development, we have successfully solved this challenge. " Dr Chris wood, director of development and technology at insight lidar, added, "the perception system needs higher pixels so that the algorithm can identify objects and make key decisions faster. Our technology can greatly increase the number of pixels and provide direct speed information, so as to solve most of the difficult edge situations faced by the perception system. "

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