Improve entertainment services, Tesla pushes 2020.4 system

Posted 2023-03-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

A few days ago, the long-awaited 2020.4 version update was officially launched to domestic consumers. This update adds localized applications such as Youku, bilibilibili, weather forecast, etc., and improves the entertainment and service ability of the system. In addition, Tesla also switched the system map data service provider from Tencent map to Baidu map, improving the display effect of map UI and the accuracy of real-time traffic information. Through updating the list, we found that the new system ushered in four major features: 1. Youku and bilibilibili Video: users can find and watch the video content of these two service providers in the "Tesla theater" menu in the car machine system; 2. Happy landlords, mahjong and happy upgrade: users can play online with users through the central control screen, and account data and Mobile terminal interworking; 3: air quality index and weather: now you can view local air quality and weather information on the central control screen, including weekly forecast, precipitation probability, humidity, wind force, UV index and air quality measurement value. 4: Two dimensional code of Tesla Service Center: now you can click the "control > Maintenance > reservation service through wechat" button in the system menu, use wechat scan to access Tesla service center, and make an appointment for the corresponding service. Through this update, Tesla has further improved the entertainment and service capabilities of its models. Tesla previously announced that the map data service provider of the car engine system would replace Tencent map with Baidu map, and now it can also be realized in the new system.

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