I can't shake a car in endurance / space. Look at these pure electric medium-sized SUVs

Posted 2020-11-02 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

In recent years, new energy vehicles have been developing and expanding. In Beijing, Shanghai and other cities with limited purchase and travel, it has become the first choice for many families to purchase cars. The rise of time-sharing leasing makes new energy vehicles, especially some micro pure electric scooters, popular. However, with the continuous improvement of consumer demand, low-end vehicles have been difficult to meet the market demand, especially after the opening of the two-child policy, consumers in cities with limited purchase are more eager for new energy vehicles with larger space and more complete configuration. So, all kinds of medium-sized pure electricity came into being. Today, we'll check some of them for you. After the price of Weima EX6: the delivery volume of RMB 189900-239900 once led all the new car making forces. Among the numerous new car making forces in China, it is a relatively reliable one. Today we are going to talk about the Vemma EX6, which is the second model of its own. It is positioned as a medium-sized SUV, with a subsidized price of 1899-239900 yuan. In terms of appearance, the design style of Weima EX6 is simple, and the closed medium net is adopted. The narrow and long headlights on both sides are sharp and vivid, perfectly integrated into the black decorative strip with the brand logo, and the visual effect is very harmonious. In addition, Vemma EX6 has obvious concave design on both sides of the front surrounding, and it is simple but not monotonous with black lower guard. The configuration of Vemma EX6 is its biggest highlight. It is equipped with a new living Engine 2.0 system. The system's intelligent voice assistant supports up to 70 wake-up free commands and hybrid recognition in Chinese and English. It can be used to control everything from entertainment comfort hardware to the whole cockpit and even the power system. In addition, the Vemma EX6 is equipped with a living pilot full-featured L2 level intelligent driving assistant system, which integrates a variety of safety configurations such as full speed adaptive cruise, blind area monitoring, active braking, etc. In terms of endurance, EX6 plus offers two models with different endurance mileage of 400km / 500km. It is worth mentioning that the power of Vemma EX6 is provided with life-long warranty service, which is very sincere. The price of aion LX after subsidy: 249600-349600 yuan. Aion LX is a pure electric SUV launched by GAC new energy in October last year, and the price after subsidy is 249600 yuan. It is based on GEP 2.0, the second generation of GAC new energy pure electricity exclusive platform, with a maximum endurance of 650km. Appearance: aion LX adopts the design language of "cloud piercing arrow". The LED headlights of T-type daytime running lights are very sharp. The headlights are connected to the left and right through chrome plated decorative strips, and the visual effect of the car head is very tight. In terms of interior decoration, Guangqi new energy aion LX uses a large number of leather and suede materials, with a good sense of technology and luxury. In terms of configuration, aion LX is equipped with adigo driving assistance system, which integrates highway lane change assistance, adaptive cruise, traffic congestion assistance, active braking, automatic parking, lane keeping and other configurations. GAC new energy aion LX has three power options. Among them, the maximum power of the motor of the two models with low configuration is 135kW, the maximum power of the model with medium configuration is 150KW, and the maximum power of the model with top configuration and sub top configuration is 150KW. In terms of endurance, the maximum endurance mileage of GAC new energy aion LX can reach 650km, and that of even low configuration models can reach 503km. After subsidy, the price of Tang EV: 2299-359900 yuan. Since then, BYD's sales volume and reputation have been quite good. It is a star model under the brand. At the beginning of last year, BYD Tang carried out a new generation. Based on the fuel version and hybrid version, it added the pure electric version - that is to say. After subsidy, the price is 2299-359900 yuan. In terms of appearance, Tang EV has adopted the "dragon face" design language of BYD family. The huge matrix grid is full of momentum. The two chrome plated decorative strips extended from the headlamp edge intersect the middle car logo and cooperate with the L-shaped chrome plated strips on both sides of the front surround, which is very atmospheric. In terms of configuration, Tang EV is equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking, lane departure early warning system, traffic identification, lane change blind area monitoring and other safety configurations. In addition, Tang EV is equipped with 12.8-inch or 14.6-inch central control display screen, BYD intelligent system, front seat electronic adjustment / heating / ventilation, which can be said to be quite complete. Tang ev600 is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 180kW, and Tang ev600d is equipped with motor with maximum power of 360kw. The former has a maximum endurance of 520km; the latter has a maximum endurance of 500km. Conclusion: the above three pure electric SUVs are large in space, strong in power, long in endurance and complete in configuration, and are excellent in all aspects. If you're struggling with the lottery and the budget is enough, you can still think about it.

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