Hyundai launches the first veloster n etcr

Posted 2020-12-31 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Motorsport today launched its first electric car, veloster n etcr, on the IAA media day in Frankfurt. Based on the veloster n model on the road, this new car is designed for the new etcr championship and will debut in 2020. Veloster n etcr heralds an exciting new era of modern motor sport, and electric car will become a pillar of a company. The car takes full advantage of the expertise of modern motorsport in racing and follows the success of competitors' i30 n TCR and veloster n TCR kits. The development of the etcr project reflects the broader development strategy of modern electric road vehicles, and further emphasizes the high-performance capability of modern motor racing. Designed and manufactured at the company's alzenau headquarters, veloster n etcr is a fully electric, rear wheel drive, mid mounted motor – two firsts in a modern racing program – compliant with etcr regulations. The design work started in November 2018, and the first test of the prototype was completed in August 2019. A comprehensive testing program will begin later this month, supported by trained and experienced engineers at Hyundai Motor Sport, with the first two veloster n etcr vehicles. The project will be combined with the company's ongoing commitment as a manufacturer of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) and its customer racing efforts with I20 R5, i30 n TCR and veloster n TCR. As part of Hyundai's high-performance car development center, all knowledge from veloster n etcr will be shared with Hyundai's global R & D center in Nanyang, South Korea.

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