Huawei releases a new generation of DC fast charging module hicharger with maximum power of 30KW

Posted 2020-11-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 23, Huawei officially released a new generation of Huawei hicharger DC fast charging module. The new module can reach 30kW (domestic version), in addition, 20kW version will be launched overseas, and the two versions can be compatible with the same size. Adhering to the design of "reliable, efficient, intelligent and low noise", Huawei hicharger DC fast charging module will effectively solve the problem of charging infrastructure industry pain point. The power and voltage of the domestic version (30kW) of Huawei hicharger and the overseas version (20kW) of Huawei hicharger built in the early stage can not meet the charging evolution demand of future vehicles, which wastes the initial investment of operators. Operators using high loss efficiency charging equipment, the operation and maintenance costs exceed 10% of the operation revenue, lack of intelligence leads to the need for regular inspection, large input of operation and maintenance manpower, and the user's charging experience will be poor if the operation and maintenance is not timely. Improving efficiency can effectively reduce costs and achieve profitability. Urban land is becoming scarce, and charging stations are getting closer to residential areas, so as to solve the noise problem and avoid spending more money to build sound insulation walls. Adhering to the design concept of "reliable, efficient, intelligent and low noise", the new charging module can well support the future evolution through high power density (1.5 times of the previous generation, reaching 58.6w / in? 3) and wide voltage range. Huawei hicharger DC fast charging module is 30kW in domestic version and 20kW in national grid, supporting the same size expansion of charging pile; 300-1000v full section constant power output, meeting the evolution trend of high-voltage fast charging of vehicles in the future, so as to protect the initial investment of stakeholders. Through the temperature data collected by the internal sensor and the artificial intelligence algorithm, Huawei hicharger can monitor the module status through remote OTA, identify the dust-proof net blockage of the charging pile and the locked rotor status of the module fan, and remotely remind the operator to implement accurate and predictable maintenance, avoiding frequent on-site inspection. The highest efficiency of 20kW DC fast charging module in overseas version can reach 96.55%, and that in domestic version can reach 96.4%. Through the application of high-efficiency patented topology, high-efficiency control algorithm and low loss devices, the loss can be reduced. The smooth air duct design and precise fan speed regulation reduce the additional loss caused by heat dissipation, and the optimal efficiency of the module can be achieved. In order to solve the problem of noise, Huawei hicharger DC fast charging module provides mute mode for application in noise sensitive environment. At the same time, through the sensor temperature monitoring in the module, according to the change of the ambient temperature, the fan speed is accurately adjusted. When the ambient temperature is reduced, the fan speed is reduced, the noise is reduced, and the low temperature and noise are achieved. Take 120kw charging pile as an example. If six 20kW modules are used at present, and six 30kW modules of the same size are used in the future, the charging pile can be upgraded to 180kW without structural modification. And using 30kW module can save 408 yuan compared with 20kW module from cabinet, slot, connector and cable. If the life cycle of a charging pile is calculated in 8 years, 7868 yuan can be saved by using Huawei hicharger module. According to the annual charging capacity of 1.8 billion kwh, the annual saving of 14.56 million yuan can be achieved by using Huawei hicharger module. Huawei is the world's leading ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and intelligent terminal provider, committed to bringing the digital world into everyone, every family, every organization, and building an intelligent world of everything connected. We provide our customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of communication network, it, intelligent terminal and cloud services, and open cooperation with ecological partners to continuously create value for customers, release personal potential, enrich family life and stimulate organizational innovation. Huawei adheres to continuous innovation based on customer demand, increases investment in basic research, and promotes world progress. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private enterprise with employees holding all shares. At present, it has 194000 employees and its business covers more than 170 countries and regions.

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