How to choose a new energy SUV within 250000? These three technologies are advanced and reliable, both pure electric and plug-in hybrid

Posted 2020-10-07 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With the acceptance of new energy vehicles by more consumers, how to select a new energy vehicle with reliable quality has become a big problem. Next, we mainly recommend three new energy SUV models, namely c-hr EV and GAC motor GS4, which have just entered the market PHEV and GTE, which cover different levels and prices, should be paid attention to by consumers interested in new energy SUV. After sales price of GAC Toyota c-hr EV: RMB 225800-249800 is the pure electric version of Toyota c-hr. Toyota c-hr EV is different from the fuel version in appearance. Its front air intake grille adopts the split design and carries out the common closed treatment of the vehicle, which helps to reduce wind resistance and improve energy consumption performance. In addition, ev logo is equipped in details to highlight its pure electric identity. As for the rear of the car, the exhaust system has been cancelled and the pure electric identification has been added, which is a change to improve the vehicle identification. As Toyota c-hr EV is still positioned in the young market, it has eight body colors to choose from and more choices for young consumers. However, the interior part of Toyota c-hr EV has not changed significantly. The overall layout and material are basically the same as that of fuel vehicles. However, the new car is equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel and shift lever. In terms of driving assistance system, Toyota c-hr EV is equipped with DRCC dynamic radar cruise control system, PCS pre collision safety system, LTA lane tracking assistance system, AHB automatic adjustment high beam system, which can realize L2 level automatic assistance driving. In terms of power, the motor of Toyota c-hr EV has a maximum power of 150KW, a maximum torque of 300nm, an energy density of 131wh / kg, a capacity of 54.3kwh and a NEDC range of 400km. After subsidy, GAC motor GS4 PHEV's price is 1638-193800 yuan. GAC motor GS4 PHEV belongs to a plug-in hybrid SUV model, which maintains the characteristics of a new generation in appearance. NEDC's pure electric range is 61km. In terms of appearance, the overall design is basically the same as the fuel version, but blue decorative strips are integrated in the front, middle net, brand logo, etc., and PHEV logo is equipped at the rear of the car to highlight its new energy identity. In terms of interior decoration, the new car is basically the same as the fuel version, with a dual "X" shaped design of the center console, equipped with a 12.3-inch center control screen, and built-in rich technical functions including wechat. However, the new car's gear lever model is different from the fuel version, and there are buttons such as EV driving mode in the rear. In terms of power, trumpchi GS4 PHEV is equipped with a set of plug-in hybrid system including 1.5T and motor. The pure electric endurance of NEDC is 61km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is only 1.3L. -After subsidy, the selling price of DIANYUE GTE of Volkswagen: 249800-259800 yuan. DIANYUE GTE belongs to the plug-in hybrid model of DIANYUE, which is still positioned as a medium-sized SUV. At present, there are not many competitors, so it does have a certain market prospect. In terms of appearance, tanyue GTE continues the style of the fuel version, but the front grille is inlaid with blue "GTE" words, and there is a "C" shaped LED daytime running light below. The charging port is integrated on the air intake grille. At the front fender and the rear of the car, Tan Yue GTE also has the exclusive logo of "GTE". In terms of interior decoration, tanyue GTE adopts the latest interior style of Volkswagen. The central control area is inclined to the driver's side, which is conducive to daily and convenient operation. In terms of configuration, Tianyue GTE is equipped with large-scale digital LCD Meter, 8-inch multimedia LCD screen, and 12 way electric seat, front seat heating, reversing image, electric tailgate, keyless entry and other rich configurations. In terms of power, Tianyue GTE is equipped with a 1.4T engine + motor system. The maximum power of the system is 155kw, the maximum torque is 400nm, the pure electric range of NEDC is 54km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is as low as 2.0L. Model summary: compared with the traditional fuel SUV model, the new energy SUV has many advantages in fuel consumption, licensing and other aspects. I believe that consumers have known this for a long time. Therefore, we can see more new energy SUV models have entered the market one after another, including many joint venture brands, which are also very positive. The above three models are the choices for the market in the near future. They are more advanced and reliable in configuration and technology, so they are highly optional.

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