Honda Lingpai hybrid to the store for real shooting with a 1.5L four cylinder engine - fuel consumption is only 4L

Posted 2020-09-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

As a special model for the Chinese market, Guangqi Honda Lingpai has been greatly improved both in appearance design and internal riding space after its replacement in 2018, and has rapidly achieved a monthly sales volume of more than 10000, and has been awarded the title of "little elegant Pavilion". Recently, the online car market has obtained a group of real pictures of the Lingpai hybrid version coming to the store. The new car is equipped with a new 1.5L four cylinder hybrid system, with a fuel consumption of only 4L per 100km. It is expected to be officially launched in July, and will directly compete for the double engine, double engine and other models in the future. The appearance design of Lingpai hybrid model is consistent with that of fuel model, and only the details are adjusted. In the new car, the "hybrid" logo is added on the fender and the rear of the car to indicate its identity, the blue element is added on the logo, and the relevant adjustment is also made on the wheel hub modeling. The biggest change of the interior part is the shift key electronic shift mechanism, which is also applied to the accord hybrid and crown road. This time, it is placed on the entry-level compact home model, improving the overall sense of technology and luxury. At the same time, hybrid Lingpai also provides EV mode switch and driving mode selection. Lingpai hybrid is the first compact hybrid product launched in China. Compared with the current 1.0T three cylinder, 1.5L four cylinder engine and mature i-mmd hybrid system, not only the ride comfort is improved, but also the fuel consumption is lower, only 4l-4.1l/100km. In addition, under the same fuel consumption, the power of Lingpai hybrid engine is stronger than that of Carola twin engine (engine data only). At the same time, Lingpai also has an advantage in terms of body size, so after the introduction of hybrid version, Lingpai is more competitive than corolla double engine and leiling double engine, and gives consumers more choices in terms of power than Volkswagen longyi and Bora. The price of the reference and Odyssey hybrid version is 5-13% higher than that of the gasoline version. The same sales strategy is adopted by the competing corolla. The price of the twin engine version is about 15000 yuan higher than that of the gasoline version. The official guide price of current Lingpai is RMB 109800-139800 (automatic block), and the starting price of hybrid Lingpai is expected to be about RMB 125000-13000. In addition, according to Honda's future planning, GAC Honda may launch more small, compact and other entry-level hybrid products, and continue to expand the electrification camp.

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