High cost and low sales renomegana may terminate R & D

Posted 2020-09-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Since the first generation model was released in 1995, megana, which is positioned as a compact hatchback, has been one of the most successful models of Renault brand, and has launched a number of derivative versions including performance hatchbacks, sedans and touring vehicles. But recently, according to foreign media reports, Renault intends to reallocate the R & D funds for the next generation of megana models to more promising vehicle projects. Laurens van den, senior vice president of design, Renault In an interview with foreign media recently, Acker said: despite its brilliant sales performance, megana's sales volume has declined year by year since 2010, when it achieved the sales record of 465732 vehicles in Europe. In 2019, its sales volume is only about half of that of 2010, and 209845 vehicles. At present, Renault's key research and development work has shifted to the research and development of pure electric vehicles, which has led Renault to consider terminating Mei Gana's next generation R & D plan leaves a limited budget for pure electric vehicle R & D. "2020 Renault megana" does not mean that the next generation megana has been directly sentenced to "death": the fourth generation megana launched in 2015 ushered in the mid-term reform in February 2020, with minor changes in the appearance of the new car, while significantly improving the level of in car technology configuration, and providing the option of plug-in hybrid model. It can be said that the sales performance after the change will be very important for megana's "death".

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