Here comes the most fuel-efficient Honda! The fuel consumption of 1.5L hybrid is only 3l, and the price is the same as that of Langyi

Posted 2022-07-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The most "fuel-efficient" Feidu show! The fuel consumption of 1.5L hybrid is only 3l, and the price may be the same as that of Langyi! When it comes to the classic Honda cars, we can say that every model it produces has left a deep impression on you. Whether it's the classic Honda Feidu, Honda Civic Honda Accord Honda CRV, Honda crown Road, we can say that they are the best in their respective market segments. Today, what we are going to share with you is a very powerful new Honda model, which is a lot of cars Friends called the most fuel-efficient mixed version of Honda flying degree, because the car used a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder mixing technology, its average fuel consumption is only three litres, which can be said to be quite powerful, and for everyone is concerned about the new hybrid version of Honda flying price, there are also clear messages, basically with the new awesome price of the public, can let the new hybrid version. Tian Feidu has a strong market competitiveness. Well, the Honda brand announced that it will launch a new Jazz Series (fit Series) and its derivative jazz CROSSTAR crossover model at the 2020 Geneva auto show. A series of electrification products and Honda's innovative energy management system will also be on display at the same venue. Honda has unified its electrification products under the brand-new "E: technology" brand. The product of this electrification brand is to show Honda's strong confidence in responding to the future electrification mobile life. In addition to the new jazz models, fans can also experience the pure electric Honda e Bev models at the auto show, and jazz and Honda e are the first new cars planned by Honda's original factory and launched in the process of European market transformation electrification before 2022, and it is predicted that during this period, the brand will launch a total of six electrification models. The new Honda Jazz Mini hatchback will be premiered in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show. The car will be equipped with a dual electric motor "E: HEV" oil electric composite power transmission system as standard for the first time. Honda officially claims that the new jazz car series is a product that has been completely redesigned and developed from scratch, while the development spindle of the new generation of jazz is an urban car that combines excellent performance with the ultimate practical function. Honda claims that with the seamless and contemporary design vocabulary evolution, the meaningful body shape of the Jazz car series is more simple and beautiful. Its streamlined body contour and the side vision of the single structure make the fans recognize it at a glance. In addition to the comfort and practical function of the previous Jazz car series, the new generation of jazz emphasizes its emotional appeal. The new jazz car line integrates intuitive information and entertainment technology, and is equipped with a seamless car Internet system. At the same time, jazz is also equipped with the integrated AI assistant function of Honda personal assistant first seen on Honda e model. In order to further expand the attraction of the brand-new Jazz car series, the Jazz CROSSTAR model, which has a general set and appeals to an active lifestyle group, will also debut at the Geneva auto show. The Jazz CROSSTAR will be equipped with the same bimada hydro electric power system as the jazz standard hatchback. In addition to the increase of vehicle height, the Jazz CROSSTAR also has an integrated roof frame. In addition, the interior design of water distribution material is more applied in the car interior. In terms of visual enhancement, jazz CROSSTAR is decorated with bolder water tank shield design, fashionable side skirt group and a large number of black components of the car body. In addition, the exclusive aluminum ring design of jazz CROSSTAR also makes the car width have the visual feeling of expanding, and adds the stable and solid appearance of the car. Honda will synchronously show its e: HEV oil electric power system applied to hybrid and new jazz car series at Geneva auto show, while the newly developed e: HEV system adopted by Jazz will link a 1.5-litre four cylinder DOHC with two small, high energy density electric motors I-vtec naturally aspirated gasoline engine is equipped with a vehicle lithium module and a single file position transmission system controlled by intelligent power control module (PCU). The integration of these advanced technologies also provides the new generation of jazz with efficient, smooth and intuitive driving feedback.

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