Have you ever seen a pure electric vehicle with superior performance?

Posted 2020-12-03 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Do you have such a feeling that you have unconsciously become a "non mainstream", and you don't know about "thunder", "Zhang Dayi" and "pale yellow long skirt", people or things that are prone to hundreds of millions of traffic, only live in the things you like, if you have the above phenomena. So, the Nordic car I talked about in this article: polar 2, may have a different fit with you. When it comes to "polar star" or "two words, I believe most people are confused. But when it comes to "" I'm sure you're no stranger. So, before we talk about it, I will give you a brief introduction. Polestar was originally Volvo's performance R & D department, with a similar relationship to AMG and. In 2017, it independently became an electrified high-performance brand, and the pole star 2 experienced in this article is its first car. With the price of 400000 or so, pure electric and high-end brands of offshore pianist and Avenger alliance, there is no doubt that the most direct opponent of Polestar 2 is model 3, and many netizens will compare them before listing. But you can only see the pole star 2 once in a short distance, and you can see at a glance that it is totally different from Tesla's temperament, different from that the author would not like to compare them. It's not hard to find that the polar 2 has many Volvo elements, but it always feels more unique. In a more understandable way, polestar 2, Volvo and Tesla are like Christopher Nolan (director of Star Trek and inception) and Giuseppe tonadore (director of Paradise cinema and offshore pianist) and Jos waden (director of Avenger alliance and firefly). There is no one who is higher or lower in design, but the temperament of Polestar 2 is quite rare in the market. Visually, the specially high body, simple and powerful C-pillar and Volvo's "Nordic sense" unconsciously create a cold atmosphere of science fiction. The same is true for the interior design. If you look at the steering wheel or the handlebar, you think it's Volvo. A large touch vertical screen and never seen decorative pattern can help you understand that this is a pole star. I won't go over the similar details one by one, because the next is the main part of this article: manipulation and motivation. It's not necessarily the strongest power, maybe the strongest control. Before we talk about it, we need to explain that the project of this experience is based on the test loading of the polar 2 project, which will be different from the officially launched version. However, based on the fact that the domestic factory has planned to mass produce the car and will go on sale within this year, it is believed that the final experience difference will not be too big. Being brainwashed by Tesla and the propaganda of the major new forces of car building, the first impression of the author on the performance of electric vehicles is the fast acceleration. This leads to the neglect of other aspects, resulting in many electric vehicles' braking, suspension and other aspects of control do not match their power. Fortunately, polestar 2 did not make such a mistake, which is very rare. You should know that the power of the polestar 2 is not poor. With the front and rear dual motors plus the four-wheel drive system, the final 100 km acceleration can reach 4.8 seconds, the comprehensive power can reach 408 HP, the torque is 660n ยท m, and the NEDC standard endurance mileage is 450 km, which is the same level as the top configuration of Tesla Model 3. If compared with gasoline vehicles, I think the closest one is TTRS, which is also a four-wheel drive with 400 HP. It takes a lot of effort to control such a huge power. Polestar 2's approach is to give you a set of Ohlins double flow valve shock absorber, Brembo front brake and 20 inch forged wheel hub. This simple and crude "plus configuration" method has a very significant effect. Strong braking makes you less afraid of power, and even feel a little bit surplus. The 22 segment adjustable Ohlins' shock absorption is even more surprising. I feel very good in the official daily mode. As far as my personal preference is concerned, the soft and hard are quite moderate, and the rebound is also very neat, which can be said to be the best shock absorption of 400000. In the actual projects of pile winding and high-speed bending, Ohlins is set to a relatively hard motion state, and the posture of Polestar 2 is also quite excellent, with the support quite in place, which is a bit like that of V60 polestar. The author thinks that half of the excellent control is due to Ohlins' good performance in shock absorption and excellent suspension adjustment. The other half benefits from the fact that the polyestar 2 is a pure electric vehicle with a large vehicle weight - which can be set quite low and the layout is relatively easy. It has a lower center of gravity and a more average weight distribution before and after, so it is naturally better than its peers in control. Maybe polestar 2 is not necessarily the strongest power of the same level, but it is likely to be the strongest control of the same level. About the shortcomings of Polestar 2.... I see that some readers may be thinking about it here. You say it so well, the design is beautiful, and the motivation is excellent. Isn't there any defect? Of course, how could it not be. First of all, this car can't care too much about the back row. With a 2735mm wheelbase and the size of a compact car, the owner is unlikely to be a father. Secondly, the Ohlins performance pack mentioned above needs to be bought with extra money, which costs an additional 42000 yuan. The whole car's nappa leather interior also costs extra money. The price is 50000 yuan only. However, the price of this test drive of the polestar 2 high configuration is expected to be around 410000, 410000 + 42000 + 50000 =..., and then think of it as a compact electric vehicle, which makes people want to say "excuse me" with a fist. It is also a true test of a sentence, "expensive, never its shortcomings, but your shortcomings.". Don't expect polestar to become "Guo Degang", and I'm glad that it's not the most talked about topic between the author and colleagues about polestar 2, that is, "will this car sell well in the future?". To answer this question, I think I can borrow a paragraph that Mr. Luo Xiang once said. Everyone is pursuing both happiness and transcendence. It's not happy to read little yellow book. It seems very happy. Guo Degang said that crosstalk is not happy, but also very happy. I'm happy to see Shakespeare. If all three works can bring you happiness, which one do you think will make you happier. When asked this question, most people would choose Guo Degang. Maybe some people really want to choose xiaohuangshu, but they are really embarrassed, so they choose Guo Degang. Or some people really want to choose Shakespeare, but they will think that others will think that I am very loaded, and finally choose Guo Degang. It is obvious that polestar 2 cannot be Guo Degang. But as a person who really likes cars, I'm glad it's not Guo Degang.

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