Harman: introducing EV Plus + Solutions for electric vehicles

Posted 2023-04-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, Harman international, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, announced the introduction of EV Plus + solution, which is an integrated solution including audio equipment and electronic communication equipment. The solution is specially designed for electric vehicles, which can effectively improve the audio performance without increasing the energy consumption of electric vehicles. The mileage anxiety of electric vehicles has been accompanied by the electric vehicle users. With the improvement of people's requirements for the electronic equipment in the vehicle, the power consumed by advanced audio and entertainment equipment has become one of the problems that electric vehicle users need to worry about. Harman international has proposed an EV Plus + solution to solve this problem by using efficient acoustic technology and cloud based software innovation, with scalable, lightweight and low complexity system architecture. Compared with the traditional audio system with equivalent performance, the acoustic power and performance of the solution are increased by twice, but the power consumption is not increased, so there is no need to worry about affecting the endurance of electric vehicles. Harman's EV Plus + solution mainly has three packaging solutions: 1. Ecotect: using half of the components can ensure strong audio performance, and reduce weight, complexity and power consumption. Ecotect has high-efficiency speaker, patented prodigy booster amplifier and Power Manager 2.0 technology, and all these technologies are layered in a unique architecture, using innovative speaker location, sustainable materials and mature signal processing technology to provide high-quality audio and communication experience while optimizing the efficiency of electric vehicles. 2. Audio marketplace: a new cloud based ecosystem supported by Harman ignite. Audio marketplace allows users to add and update car audio, entertainment and communication on demand with a touch of a button. 3. Software enabled branded Audio: brand audio supported by software can be activated instantly, and the basic audio in new cars can be upgraded to the audio experience of high-end brands by using the Ecotect system components. That is to say, when consumers purchase any vehicle equipped with Ecotect system, they can choose to add high-end audio software and activate it at any time when they use the vehicle. Harman international has added a new experience to electric vehicle parts through EV Plus + solution. At present, Harman's EV Plus + solution has been available to OEMs and integrated into vehicles.

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