Great Wall Motors donated 5 million yuan to support epidemic prevention and control

Posted 2023-02-10 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On January 28, automobile donated 5 million yuan to Hubei Charity Association. The following is an official statement: unite as one and work together! Recently, the novel coronavirus infection control and prevention of pneumonia is in a critical period. In order to help overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, Great Wall Motors decided to donate 5 million yuan to Hubei Charity Association. Novel coronavirus (3 million) was used in more than ten cities in Hubei, Wuhan, Qianjiang, Huanggang and Xiaogan to purchase medical protective clothing, respirators, positive pressure isolation clothing, protective mask, goggles, disinfectant and other urgent epidemic prevention and control materials and other medical consumables, so as to protect front-line medical personnel and support front-line volunteers. Another 2 million yuan was used for the prevention and control of pneumonia in new type of coronavirus infection in Hubei city. The volatiles are uniformly allocated and used. Novel coronavirus has been released to the world's factories, research and development institutions and its distributors and suppliers, and the units are required to adjust their local conditions according to local conditions and make every effort to protect the new coronavirus, so as to contribute to the fight against the epidemic as soon as possible. In addition, Great Wall Motor and its four major brands, including haver, wey, and Great Wall pickup, will continue to pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and provide necessary assistance and support according to social needs. In the face of the epidemic, "changchengren" will take on social responsibility and fully support and cooperate with the prevention and control of the national epidemic. At the same time, we pay our highest respect to the medical staff and epidemic prevention workers who are fighting on the front line. Let's unite as one, unite as one, and win the epidemic prevention and control battle as soon as possible! Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd. January 28, 2020

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