German official: Tesla's factory in Germany will attract more companies to enter Germany

Posted 2024-04-10 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

(Tesla) recently announced that it will build its first European factory near Berlin. German officials said the move would attract more companies from the electric vehicle and energy storage fields into Germany. Dietmar woidke, governor of Brandenburg, said. "They are on their way. I heard about further inquiries about community and regional business development plans. Tesla will let other companies follow suit. " He said Brandenburg was in talks with other companies, but declined to name them because of confidentiality agreements. I hope we can announce good news before Christmas Tesla's move is significant for Germany, which is struggling to maintain its manufacturing hub. The German auto industry has been hit hard by the choice of new plants in Hungary by BMW and Daimler in recent years, and the admission by Volkswagen in 2015 of cheating on diesel emissions tests.

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