German media: Daimler suspended development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

Posted 2020-09-14 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Germany's southern Deutsche Daily reported on April 27 that Daimler stopped developing fuel technology, GLC fuel cell version will stop production, and there is no plan to develop hydrogen vehicles in the near future. In an interview with the southern Deutsche daily, Martin Daum, the head of Daimler's trucks, said Daimler had stopped developing fuel cell technology and manufacturing its only car, GLC F cell. Daimler will no longer develop hydrogen vehicles in the short term. Daimler launched GLC E-Cell in 2018, with a total production of 3000 vehicles. According to Martin Daum, Daimler will focus on R & D and vehicle launch, and all future work related to fuel cell will be carried out by Daimler joint venture. Last week, Daimler and Volvo announced that the two groups will establish a joint venture to develop truck fuel cells, with each group holding 50%. The joint venture will mainly develop and produce fuel cell systems for heavy trucks and other purposes, and achieve mass production of long-distance heavy truck fuel cell by 2030. Daimler will integrate all existing fuel cell businesses into a joint venture. Volvo Group will invest 600 million euros to buy 50% of the joint venture. "The cooperation will reduce development costs and accelerate the market promotion of fuel cell technology in heavy and long-distance transportation products," the two companies said of the cooperation "In the context of the current economic downturn, in order to achieve environmental protection and emission reduction goals within a feasible time frame, cooperation becomes more necessary." (compiled by: Coco)

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