German company launched fuel cell voltage monitoring system which can be used for mass production vehicles

Posted 2024-04-05 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

(source: eenews) according to foreign media reports, smart test solutions of Germany launched CVM g5s battery voltage monitoring system to measure and monitor the voltage of a single cell in the system, which can be used for mass production vehicles. The CVM g5s measurement module can be used at ambient temperatures up to 105 ° C, with an input voltage between 4.5 and 32V, so it can be operated directly on a 12 or 24 volt power supply. A measurement module can synchronously monitor and acquire the voltage of up to 200 cores, and can connect multiple modules in series. CVM g5s is only suitable for serial production. In addition, as a single board solution, the product has a cost advantage that depends on quantity and performs better in continuous operation. "Through the joint tool chain, users can directly transition from the R & D process to the mass production stage without integration," said Markus Schuster, smart business development manager For example, the tool chain contains a controller module with an intuitive user interface. Users can visualize hundreds of channels through the network, such as observing fuel cell stacks in real time. When running CVM software on the controller module, the whole monitoring system can not be controlled by the computer, only need a terminal device to run the browser, and transmit data wirelessly through WLAN. The monitoring range of the system can be raised by contacting the components. The installation space required for these components is particularly small.

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