Geometry car uses "geometry +" to build a group chat. What's the idea of the group leader?

Posted 2021-02-24 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

On April 10, its new energy brand geometry automobile launched the "geometry +" platform. Feng Qingfeng, vice president of Geely Group, also issued a rather emotional open letter explaining it. What does geometry brand want to do this time? Let's talk about it in this article. What is geometry +? To see the geometry + "platform clearly, we must first find clues from Feng Qingfeng's open letter. In the open letter, Feng Qingfeng defined "geometry +" as "the world's first technology travel creative sharing station". In the whole open letter, we should pay attention to the following information points: 1. Geely will rely on the technical resources of Geely's five global R & D centers and five modeling centers, exceeding 2 Ten thousand R & D talents and engineer resources, integration of Geely Holding Group's global industrial chain resources, opening up geometry's electric, intelligent, online and other technical resources in the field of travel science and technology, gathering technology travel ecological partners, upstream and downstream industries, industry, University and research technology bull, Internet venture capital circle's "eye-catching", creative talents, users, to create a A super car dream factory. 2. "Geometry +" should break the boundaries of automobile research and development, science and technology, venture capital and design. Everyone can participate, everyone can share ideas. It will become the first open sharing platform in the industry, the super interface in the field of travel technology, incubation of super applications, driving industrial innovation and cross-border integration. 3. "Geometry +" is a platform for creativity, a venture capital plan that can help dreams, and a community gathering technology travel friends. If we sum it up with a few key words, it is "platform", "open" and "cross-border". These key words are not new concepts in the industry, but as the first pure electric brand of Geely Automobile, the intention of launching a platform that focuses on these elements is still worthy of attention. What does "geometry +" want to do? First of all, it needs to be clear that the so-called "geometric +" platform is not a real vehicle platform like MEB and tnga. It would be totally wrong to understand "geometry +" in that direction. As for "openness", it is actually two-way. On the one hand, we can note that geometry intends to open its technical resources at the level of electric, intelligent and Internet connection. This may remind you of the opening of three electric patents to the industry, but personally, they may be different. Tesla's intention is to build electric vehicles according to a set of standards they have set up, so as to make the market bigger and ultimately benefit from it. The "geometry +" open technology resources should serve to gather all kinds of resources and talents. In the conventional car building mode of automobile manufacturers, it is very difficult to be truly "open", most of which are "closed door". For example, we ask car companies for technical details of products from the perspective of media, and the results are often vague or even evasive. "Geometry +" may want to change this situation and face all parties in an open and transparent manner. In fact, we can understand the "geometry +" platform as a wechat group. In this group led by geometry, the members of the group are "complex in composition". There may be geometry R & D engineers, technical bulls, senior product managers, designers, geometry brand fans, and even intended users. What happens when you pull these people into the same group? In fact, similar things have happened in the electric vehicle community operated by geekcar itself: in our community, there are product managers, public relations directors, electric vehicle owners, brand sales consultants, electric vehicle KOL And so on. We have a lot of ideas about electric vehicle collision every day, some of which are about product modification, and even directly adopted by relevant manufacturers. In another wechat group that specializes in automobile intelligence, there are hundreds of people from automobile manufacturers, suppliers and start-up companies. These people get together, not only have a deeper understanding of the new trend of the industry, but also collide with many cooperation projects, and the connection of some resources becomes more convenient. I think this kind of social effect should be exactly what geometry + platform wants. Geometric launch of this platform should also be due to their awareness of the pain points in the whole process of intelligent electric vehicle from research and development to market. Intelligent electric vehicle is a brand-new category, from three electric technology to intelligent Internet connection. If the vehicle enterprises explore and develop by themselves, they can make things, but it is hard to say whether the products they make can reach the leading position in the industry and meet the needs of users. In the face of the research and development of intelligent electric vehicles, more than ever, car companies can not rely on the "behind the scenes" model. In fact, even some senior electric vehicle users are more likely to make sense than the engineers and product managers of the car companies I have noticed that the "geometry +" plan also mentions the idea of involving users. If it can interact with users directly and positively, it will make geometry more aware of users' real needs, which is based on OTA Technology, users can also constantly give feedback in the use process, and then the car enterprise will improve and iterate (mainly at the software level). In the new force of car building, and ideals have set up a positive model in this respect. And when geometry brand really turns these ideas into reality, then the temperament and image of this brand will also change. According to my observation, consumers of smart electric vehicles generally prefer brands that are more willing to listen to users' voices and communicate with users more closely. Can geometry become the brand closest to the "new force of car building" in the traditional car enterprise camp? I am looking forward to it. After all, in my opinion, geometry is enough innovation from brand tonality to product form. Now all they have to do is to follow this road firmly. (geometry a, the first product of geometry brand)

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