Geely Holding Group and Li Shufu public welfare foundation set up a 200 million yuan special fund for epidemic prevention and control

Posted 2023-02-15 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, the holding group, together with the public welfare foundation, set up a 200 million yuan special fund for the prevention and control of new-type pneumonia epidemic, which is used to support the prevention and control of new-type pneumonia epidemic in Hubei, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan and other areas in China. Geely Holding Group also said it would further expand the scale of special funds in due time according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control. It is reported that the special fund will purchase urgently needed masks, disinfectants, goggles, respirators and other epidemic medical materials according to the actual needs of the severe epidemic areas in China; support the construction of temporary hospitals in the epidemic areas; and provide necessary help and support for medical staff, soldiers, construction personnel, journalists and volunteers fighting in the front line of the epidemic. China supports the novel coronavirus vaccine and cure drugs developed by China Centers for Disease Control and prevention, as well as the long-term public information on public health and safety. In addition, Geely Holding Group and its brands such as Geely, Geely, Geely star, geometry, rutes, and long-distance commercial vehicles have all taken action, and together with Li Shufu public welfare foundation, they have made every effort to fight against the epidemic. Geely Holding Group is actively cooperating with its overseas subsidiaries to make full use of the efficient and convenient advantages of Geely's institutions around the world to raise and purchase medical materials urgently needed for epidemic prevention and control in Sweden and other countries and regions, and provide support to areas with severe domestic epidemic. The first 250000 medical masks have been sent to China from Sweden. Geely novel coronavirus pneumonia brand will also donate 50 vehicles to Wuhan new crown pneumonia prevention command headquarters for the local epidemic prevention and control department to integrate transportation and distribution. Caocao travel (Wuhan), a travel service platform of Geely Holding Group, has also set up an emergency prevention and control guarantee team, which will provide free travel services for residents of communities in Wuhan on the premise that drivers protect themselves. Cao Cao travel operation center and special dispatching group of customer service department will cooperate with the dispatching of epidemic prevention and control vehicles 24 hours a day. At the same time, Geely Holding Group actively deployed and carefully arranged the work during the epidemic prevention and control period. All employees of Geely Holding Group flexibly adjusted their working hours and adopted the online work method to minimize the use of large-scale public transport in response to the epidemic. In difficult times, we must keep calm and make the right choice, and fulfill our obligations and responsibilities. Come on, China! All Geely people are paying close attention to the development of the epidemic at any time. Combining with the global industrial resources of Geely Holding Group, they are ready to offer Geely people's meager power to defeat the epidemic. At the same time, we also pay our highest respect to the "anti epidemic fighters" fighting in the front line! We look forward to your early success!

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