GM's new generation electric vehicle platform will be released on March 4

Posted 2022-06-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The pace of GM's electrification is about to enter a new stage. Recently, we learned from GM that on March 4, local time, GM will release a new electric platform bev3 and the overall electric vehicle strategy in the future at Warren technology center. It is reported that this new electric vehicle platform will be very flexible and can cover all electric vehicle products of various brands of GM. At present, based on bev3 platform, not only its first model (the car is scheduled to appear in April), but also the first product of GMC brand - Hummer EV pure electric pickup. Recently, GM has carried out a series of slimming layout, but in the field of electrification, it is deepening the layout. GM has already set up the vision of "zero accident, zero emission and zero congestion", in which "zero emission" mainly depends on electrification. To this end, GM has actively promoted the promotion and popularization of electric vehicles in recent years. As the most important electric vehicle market in China, GM is also steadily advancing: according to the plan, GM will launch 10 new energy vehicles in the Chinese market in 2020, and the total number of new energy vehicles in China in 2023 will double again. In order to support GM's global electrification strategy, GM announced plans to build a new electric vehicle platform in early 2019. In December 2019, Lingyun Co., Ltd. (600480) also announced that it had officially obtained the fixed point of SAIC general bev3 platform project, and was selected as the supplier for the development / manufacturing of SAIC general bev3 platform bumpers (anti-collision beams), shell beams and other parts, which confirmed that the general electric platform is advancing synchronously.

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