GAC cooperates with iFLYTEK to expand cooperation in the field of intelligent Internet connected vehicles

Posted 2020-08-28 00:26:24 +0000 UTC

On December 8, GAC group announced that it would sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement with iFLYTEK in the near future, and the two sides intend to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of intelligent connected vehicles. GAC group said that under the trend of rapid development of intelligent Internet connected vehicles, intelligent voice interaction technology is a key core technology to realize intelligence. Intelligent vehicle terminals and platform services based on intelligent human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and big data user portrait technology have important application value in the field of automobile intelligence, which can provide users with safe driving and vehicle intelligence Terminal access to a variety of information to provide a more secure, natural, convenient means. Based on their respective advantages and resources, the two sides cooperate in such business areas as intelligent human-computer interaction technology, vehicle intelligent and artificial intelligence technology, big data analysis, intelligent vehicle networking platform, advertising, intelligent customer service, intelligent sales robot and marketing innovation to maximize economic and social benefits. As for the specific cooperation content, GAC group will jointly study and plan the scenarios and integrated application schemes for the use of relevant technologies in automobiles based on the existing and future smart voice technologies of iFLYTEK, and give priority to the technologies and schemes provided by iFLYTEK under the same conditions in its future models; in addition, GAC group and iFLYTEK will jointly develop the smart voice based technology Vehicle terminal products and vehicle application platforms capable of voice technology, develop vehicle terminal and application services for models on sale and future models, form vehicle intelligent terminal and application system specifications and standards with GAC characteristics, establish vehicle terminal platform standards, and further promote the implementation of GAC's vehicle terminal software / hardware separation strategy; both parties will also be based on Artificial Intelligence Technology and big data application service ability, jointly build enterprise level big data DMP platform, so as to provide business scenario data support, marketing strategy analysis and marketing launch evaluation for GAC group. In general, the cooperation between the two sides covers intelligent voice integrated application scheme, vehicle terminal product, vehicle application platform, vehicle networking system standard, technical framework and route, enterprise level big data DMP platform, intelligent service robot and other aspects. GAC Group believes that this cooperation is conducive to the company's implementation of the 13th five year plan and further development in the field of intelligent network connected vehicles. IFLYTEK believes that it will establish strategic cooperation with GAC group to launch strong alliance in the field of intelligent vehicle, give full play to its own advantages, provide safer, natural and convenient means for users to drive safely by using intelligent voice technology, intelligent automobile terminal and intelligent vehicle networking platform, further expand products and markets in related fields, accelerate intelligent voice and The popularization and promotion of the application of artificial intelligence technology has a positive significance in exploring the integration and development of artificial intelligence and automobile industry.

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