GAC Honda acceleration electric haoying SUV or plug-in hybrid version

Posted 2020-11-17 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

GAC Honda launched its first VE-1 last year, which will fully cover three new energy sources, HEV, PHEV and Bev in the future. Wangshang city learned that GAC Honda is building a new energy production technology transformation project, and its production capacity will be increased from 738000 vehicles / year to 24600 vehicles / year, including Bev and PHEV models. Honda has already announced that it will launch a PHEV version. Haoying, as a sister model of CR-V (slightly larger than CR-V), is expected to carry the same PHEV system. The project is reconstructed in the Zengcheng plant of Guangzhou Honda Motor Co., Ltd., so the annual production capacity is not high. It is expected that one Bev and one PHEV will be put into production respectively. The Bev model is expected to be the VE-1 already on the market. It is built on the basis of Honda Benzhi, and has launched three configuration models in total. The comprehensive endurance mileage is 401km, which is at the same level of midstream. However, GAC Honda has not listed PHEV models with logo. As the project will be put into production in January 2021, and the sister model CR-V will be launched in PHEV version this year, the time between the two is very close, so it is speculated that haoying will be the model with PHEV power in this project. At present, Honda has not published the domestic PHEV power system in China. With reference to the overseas version of clarity PHEV, the system is based on the existing i-mmd hybrid, the difference is that 1.5L engine is used instead of 2.0L; the dual motor system is optimized; the group capacity is increased to 17kwh, concentrated under the floor of the front seat and rear seat, reducing the vehicle center of gravity and maintaining the space in the vehicle. In terms of specific power, the maximum power of the clarity PHEV motor is 133kw, the peak torque is 315n. M, the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km is about 1.6L, and the pure electric endurance is 100km. However, Honda officials have also said that after entering China, PHEV models will be adjusted in terms of battery capacity or power. In the joint venture market, commanders of tuguan L and Jeep have launched PHEV versions, and the new RAV4 will be driven by PHEV in 2021. After the launch of PHEV version, haoying's overall power and fuel consumption are better than the current 1.5t/2.0l hybrid version, which is more suitable for urban commuting. As haoying is bigger and heavier than clarity, it is expected that the comprehensive fuel consumption will be about 2L / 100km after PHEV power is adopted. The reconstruction project is just the beginning of new energy vehicles. GAC Honda is also expanding its new energy plant with an annual capacity of 170000 vehicles, and will launch more Bev and PHEV products in the future.

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