Full size pure electric SUV with a endurance of more than 1000 kilometers, real technology or money fraud?

Posted 2020-10-19 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

No matter how rapid the development of electric vehicle technology, the endurance is always a pain point. We have to admit that although we have introduced a lot of electric vehicles to you at present, no car company has jumped out and announced that their electric vehicles have been able to provide a 1000 km endurance level. Although it is claimed that the new generation of roadster pure electric sports car will have a endurance of 1000 kilometers, it needs the support of new technology. Another aptera electric vehicle, which claims to be able to provide 1600 km long endurance, relies on ultra lightweight technology and extremely low drag coefficient, and none of these vehicles has reached the stage of mass production. But recently Triton, a little-known new power electric vehicle company in the United States, announced that it would launch an electric vehicle with a range of 1126 kilometers, and has begun to accept online bookings. Triton's electric name is model h, which is a full-size electric SUV for 8 people. Triton claims that its pure electric SUV will carry a huge battery pack with a capacity of 200kwh, so it can travel an extra long distance of 1126km in one charge. The advantage of this model h is not only the super long endurance, but also the super power performance. According to Triton, the car will be equipped with four motors, which are equally distributed to four wheels for all wheel drive. The individual output power of each motor is as high as 280KW, and the total output power of the system will reach an amazing 1119kw. As a result, this giant has super fast acceleration ability, which can accelerate from static to 96km / h in 2.9 seconds. And the company said the SUV "can carry and pull heavy objects without affecting driving comfort", with a towing capacity of 6985 kg. In this way, model h is a pure electric SUV with high endurance, fast speed, strong drag and other perfect performance. So Triton set a great price for it, $140000. At present, the car has begun to accept online booking, with a deposit of $5000. What's more, if you are really moved by the publicity of model h, you have to pay another 135000 US dollars in five working days, that is, the whole car payment, to become the so-called "founder version" user. It is said that this version of the model will add a unique "surprise function" to the standard function. Is this perfect to unreal electric vehicle and its marketing method similar to some PPT cars in China? Not to mention that this car doesn't provide many real technical details. In what factory and when it will be put on the market, we can figure out how to earn money with just a few exaggerated parameters, which makes us wonder whether foreign local tyrants are also stupid? And if you look at the actual car design of this car, you will definitely agree with us. Although the model h has been modified in the front, it is not a copy of the full-size SUV kailaide ESV. In particular, the head and tail angle of the picture comparison, their similarities can be seen at a glance. What's more, model h's so-called 1126km range seems even more unrealistic. In contrast, Tesla Model x, as an electric SUV smaller and more aerodynamic than Triton model h, consumes more than 20kwh per hundred kilometers according to different environment or use factors. Even if Triton exceeds Tesla's efficiency in some way, they can't violate the laws of physics to produce a full-size SUV weighing up to 2.4 tons, and use a 200 kwh battery pack to drive more than 1100 kilometers, especially this SUV can't see any design that can optimize the aerodynamic efficiency at all. The only way to improve the endurance is to integrate solar panels on the roof. This is because Triton solar, the parent company of Triton, is a solar company, but it is difficult to reach the exaggerated endurance level they publicize. And Triton did not explicitly say that it would carry solar charging technology in the mass production of the car. In short, in our opinion, model h is just a "smoke bomb" released by Triton, a start-up company, to collect a deposit. There is too much uncertainty about whether and when it can be built. It is not an electric new car worthy of expectation at all. If you are really interested in full-scale electric SUVs, it's better to pay attention to GM's genuine Cadillac or rivian R1s. These cars have clear listing plans and reliable manufacturing plants. Although they are not as powerful as model h's, they won't let your $140000 hit the water easily.

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