From Volvo, benchmarking Tesla, fully understand the technology product "Polar Star car" in the car

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Some people say that the polar star brand bears the dream of going global and the courage to explore the future at the same time; others say that the development of Geely and Volvo in the next decade requires more attention to polar star. It's almost certain that in the business map of Geely and Volvo, polar star is just like its name: the brightest star in the night sky. From the most successful racing team in the history of STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship), to Volvo's high-performance department, to the golden age of independent development of China's new energy vehicles, Jixing, backed by Geely Holding Group's strong resource support and Volvo's car building accumulation over the past century, has a dream history, and we naturally have enough reasons to believe that it has Cheng Sijin. From the perspective of consumers and car fans, Polaris has been out for more than two years and has launched two mass production cars and a concept car. However, its unique temperament and tonality still do not seem to meet the original mystery in the eyes of the world. Where does Polaris come from? Who are its users? Who are its rivals? Perhaps these three simple questions can help us to understand polar stars in an all-round way. 87 pole honors, 93 fastest laps, 96 champions, 212 podiums These glorious achievements won from the competition field not only make that blue painted Volvo chariot famous in the automobile sports circle, but also make this word become the pronoun of track and performance. In 2015, Volvo officially acquired polestar, a 20-year-old manufacturer of high-performance modified vehicles, as a high-performance Department of the group. From then on, pole star has an irreplaceable meaning for Volvo, just as AMG is for Mercedes Benz or m power is for Mercedes Benz. Although in a strict sense, today's polaristar brand has not much direct contact with the original polaristar team that competed in the STCC arena, no matter people go back to history from any time node in the future, the fast-paced polaristar team is still the brand brand that polaristar cannot erase. Because the word "high performance" is the initial gene flowing in the blood of Polaris. In order to give new meaning to polestar in the era of electrification, Geely and Volvo put forward the idea of independent polestar in 2016. In October 2017, this idea was put into practice, and polestar announced to become an independent high-performance electric vehicle brand. A year and a half later, polestar officially got its official Chinese name, polar star. In written terms, Jixing is a high-performance electric vehicle brand jointly owned by Volvo car group and Geely Holding Group, enjoying the technical engineering synergy advantages of Volvo car and the strong support of scale economy effect of Volvo car. These advantages and support can meet the purpose of design, research and development of Jixing, and mass production of high-performance electric vehicles under independent brands. The achievements brought by independence are first reflected in the opening work of the brand, Jixing 1. In order to launch the brand of "pure, pioneering and high-performance" of Jixing, this luxury high-performance electric drive GT car appeared at the same time with the new brand in 2017, with the powerful power parameters of 600ps maximum horsepower and 1000N ยท m peak torque, and once won the reputation of "the most expensive car" on the Chinese Internet, which is enough to make all car lovers enthusiastic. In April 2019, the first luxury pure electric high-performance car run by Jixing brand was officially launched and the price was released. As a product positioned in the intermediate luxury electric vehicle market, Jixing 2 is not shy of directly competing with the well-known model 3. But people with a little common sense can see that, compared with the first competitor from California, Jixing 2, the successor, obviously needs to be more proficient in product polishing. On the eve of this year's Geneva auto show, Polaris released a concept car - Polaris concept, which shows the brand's new design language. Different from Jixing 1 and Jixing 2, its brand-new minimalist aesthetic design, innovative environmental interior materials and leading human-computer interaction experience can be regarded as Jixing's works as an independent brand for the first time that truly "fly to self". It is expected that this concept car named "Manifesto and faith" represents an independent Manifesto of the Jixing brand, and the future it foresees will also expand more new possibilities. If the polestar team answers the question of where the Polaris brand comes from, then the concept indicates where the Polaris brand will eventually go. In June 2017, Thomas ingenlath was appointed as CEO of Jixing and concurrently as chief design officer of Volvo car group. Before joining Volvo car group, the artistic CEO has accumulated 20 years of working experience in the automotive industry, mostly related to design. After finishing his design studies at Karlsruhe National Design Institute and Royal College of art, Thomas successively held senior positions in design department at, and Skoda, and since 2006, he has served as design director at Volkswagen design center in Potsdam, Germany, responsible for the design of all brands under Volkswagen Group. After entering Volvo in 2012, Thomas and his team created a brand new generation of 90, 60 and 40 series products, which can be seen from their aesthetic attainments. It's no surprise that the designer born CEO appeared in the field of vision when Jixing brand, which also attaches great importance to the beauty of design, announced its formal independence in 2017. Of course, it is a very rare operation for the whole automobile industry that the design director is in charge of an automobile brand, which in turn gives Jixing a unique brand and product temperament. Because of this, the ultimate design has become the ultimate performance, and another key word to implement the extreme star brand, which cannot be erased or replaced. The traces of design oriented thinking can be seen everywhere in Jixing's products, such as the overall appearance of Nordic simple style, the elegant Xinghui logo on the panoramic skylight, the orderly arrangement of gold wire harness under the transparent cover plate Even the Chengdu production base of Jixing, which produces these products, is built by the famous Norwegian architectural design firm snoherta - not so much a factory as an art museum, no wonder some people call Jixing "a design company delayed by car building". According to Thomas himself, the reason why Jixing attaches so much importance to design is that design is not only about visual presentation, but also design thinking can make better use of technology to establish communication between brands or products and users and create more excellent user experience. In this way, the user portrait of Polaris is very clear. They must be a new generation of people who do not stick to tradition and are willing to try new things. When buying cars, they will probably put design, technology, environmental protection and other demands on a higher priority. The staff of Jixing even disclosed that a considerable part of the subscribers of Jixing 1 are designers or people with unique appreciation for design aesthetics. According to relevant statistics, in 2020, the proportion of automobile consumption of post-90s will reach 45% of China's automobile market. This also means that young people born in the Internet era have become "half of the world" of automobile consumption. Those automobile brands that can grasp their demands for consumption can take the upper hand in the future business competition, thus opening up new business models. The changes in minimalism aesthetics, environmental protection materials and human-computer interaction experience of Polaris concept exactly fit the trend of this era. Based on this, the development prospect of Polaris is worth looking forward to. But at the same time, it should be noted that since the brand name was finalized, Polaris seems to have made no obvious breakthrough in marketing. Therefore, in order to further solve the problem of "how to sell" after clarifying the problem of "who to sell", it is particularly necessary to prepare for the next stage of talent exchange and exchange of goods and services within Volvo Group. On March 2, Polaris released a new personnel appointment, announcing that Gao Hong will be president of Polaris China from March 16, and Wu Zhenhao, former president of Polaris China, will be transferred to Volvo car Asia Pacific. As the new president of Jixing China, Gao Hong will be fully responsible for the business of Jixing in China, including further strengthening the brand construction of Jixing, accelerating the experience and network development of "polar space", and establishing the marketing management and customer service system under the direct sales mode. In addition, Che Yanhua, Volvo's vice president of Greater China market, will be transferred to Jixing in the near future to be responsible for brand building and market promotion in China. With rich experience in luxury brand marketing, she will undoubtedly inject new experience and creativity into the marketing work of Jixing, greatly supplement the weak points of Jixing at the market level, and cooperate with Gao Hong, President of Jixing China, to further sniff and explore the possibility of the Chinese market. Considering that Polaris 2 was officially put off production in Taizhou factory of Zhejiang Province on March 25, and it is planned to start delivery in China, Europe and North America in succession this summer, the deployment of these key issues related to brand positioning, business model, product planning and other key issues obviously refers to the smooth arrival of 2020 Polaris product delivery year. Since the official launch and opening of bookings in April last year, the comparison between Polaris 2 and model 3 in and outside the industry has not stopped. With the completion of the production base and the completion of the mass production and delivery of products, Jixing is indeed at the time of facing Tesla. In fact, from the beginning of the birth of the brand, it aims to become a pioneer in the electrification reform of the automotive industry, and has always been unabashed to compete with Tesla in an all-round way. This kind of gas is not groundless, excellent product strength is the primary factor. As mentioned before, Polaris 2 has always had its own unique features in appearance and interior design, and its craftsmanship, materials, high-end sense construction and intelligent Internet connection experience are no less than or even substantially surpass model 3. In terms of power, Polaris 2 is equipped with front and rear dual motors. This pure electric four-wheel drive system can provide 408ps of maximum horsepower, making it reach the 100km acceleration level of 4.7s. In addition, Jixing also provides optional performance kits for consumers who love refitting and have a passion for automobile performance. For example, Brembo brake calipers, Ohlins double flow valve shock absorbers, 20 inch forged wheels and other "hard goods" are quite conscientious. The second is from the business logic: the world does not need a second Tesla, but needs a first polar star. Some industry experts predict that the proportion of new energy vehicle sales in 2035 will reach 50% of the overall market sales, which means a huge market of ten million vehicles. Therefore, the time difference between the first and the second is of no real significance, and the possibility of monopolizing the market by the giants is very small. As the new energy vehicles move from the minority to the mainstream, their consumer groups will change accordingly, becoming more rational and pragmatic. Therefore, the vehicle's design sense, quality sense, safety, handling and other indicators will be promoted to an unprecedented height. In these aspects, there are many advantages for Jixing, a traditional car company, to make endorsements. In order to match the marketing rhythm of products, Jixing is also improving the efficiency of channel layout. According to official news, China's first polar space retail experience store opened last year in Qiaofu Fangcao, Beijing. By 2020, there will be 20 polar spas in 15 cities in China

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