Four wheel drive with hybrid new Ford Mustang news

Posted 2021-01-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

According to foreign media, Mustang will usher in a new model in 2022, and the new Mustang is likely to debut with a four-wheel drive and system for the first time. Until then, Ford's Mustang mach-e will be delivered to customers this fall. Ford Mustang is an American performance muscle car famous for its high horsepower rear drive. The appearance of the four cylinder 2.3t model in that year has been resisted by many fans. And Ford's announcement that the next generation will use a four-wheel drive plus hybrid drive system will inevitably make people mutter. From the perspective of the fake effect picture, the new Mustang model is more electric in design without losing muscle sense. What kind of impact will it have on fans and potential users of Mustang? Today, when new energy models are in full swing, Ford will also vigorously develop various new energy models. It is planned to launch a total of 18 models of different forms of hybrid power by 2022, and the next generation of hybrid Mustang is in this plan. Ford hopes that the next generation of Mustang models will follow the sales mode and strategic layout of the existing models. The current Mustang model is a global model. Such strategic deployment has made it sell nearly 55000 vehicles in Europe since 2015, which is unprecedented in the history of Mustang. Of course, it has also been a great success in China and the United States. In fact, it has been reported that Ford had plans to bring the hybrid Mustang model to the market as early as 2017, but at that time, Jim Hackett, Ford's chief executive, decided to give priority to pushing the Mustang inspired electric vehicle Mustang mach-e to the market. It is not only the beginning of Ford's water test in the new energy field, but also the first batch of mass-produced electric vehicles that Ford has long been looking forward to, and it is expected to make the first shot in the new energy field.

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