Ferrari purslang plans to build hybrid system to be released in 2022

Posted 2020-12-20 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, Netcom news agency learned from foreign media that the new model purslang will be released in 2022, which has a similar shape, but it is officially defined as not SUV, but close to the recently launched Roman model, which is more oriented to GT type of leisure. According to the previously exposed hypothetical picture of Ferrari purslang, the Ferrari purslang adopts relatively soft lines, has a rhythmic curve, and is equipped with the latest LED headlights and classic five spoke wheels. "Purslang can retain the dramatic lines of the grand Tourer and increase the luggage compartment space, which makes the purslang model more practical," said Michael lites, Ferrari's chief technology officer In terms of power, Ferrari purslang will have a variety of potential solutions, among which the new car, like the SF-90, will adopt an assembly and also be able to accommodate V6, V8 and other gasoline engines. Of course, Ferrari will continue to develop its 6.5l V12, but it is not appropriate to combine it with the bulky group. Therefore, it is speculated that in the future, in addition to hybrid models, Ferrari purslang is also expected to launch V12 gasoline version.

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