Faurecia hydrogen storage system will be equipped with modern trucks

Posted 2022-12-12 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Faurecia, the world's leading auto parts technology company, recently received an important order from the auto company, which will provide the hydrogen storage system of electric vehicles for modern vehicles. Faurecia will provide a complete hydrogen storage system for Hyundai, including 10000 hydrogen storage tanks. All products will be produced in the global technology center of Faurecia in Bawang, France, which focuses on the research and development of hydrogen storage tank technology, and delivery will start in early 2021. It is expected that in four years, the hydrogen storage system of Faurecia will be equipped with nearly 1600 modern heavy trucks, which will be delivered to Hyundai hydrogen mobility, a Swiss based joint venture established by Hyundai and H2 energy, and will become a pioneer in the field of hydrogen energy travel in Europe. "Fuel cell electric vehicle technology will become an important part of the powertrain system in the next 10 to 15 years, especially in the commercial vehicle sector," said Patrick Koller, chief executive of Faurecia. Faurecia has invested a lot of resources to explore the possibility of this technology, and constantly optimize it, while building a first-class ecosystem to accelerate its deployment and application. This order, together with our joint venture with Michelin to provide a range of unique hydrogen fuel cell systems, marks a key step forward for Faurecia to become a global leader in hydrogen fuel systems. " Fuel cell electric vehicle is an attractive alternative to power cell electric vehicle. The fuel cell electric truck has the same mileage and fuel replenishment time as diesel truck, and can achieve zero emission. By 2030, 2 million new vehicles, including 350000 commercial vehicles, are expected to be equipped with fuel cell technology.

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