Fashion home SUV preferred, static real-time Rongwei rx5 plus

Posted 2020-11-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

The domestic market is booming. The monthly sales volume of several independent compact SUV models has exceeded ten thousand, and rx5 is one of them. After the launch of rx5 4 years ago, the first domestic intelligent Internet SUV, the performance of the median design obviously can not meet the younger and younger consumer groups. Therefore, the new design rx5 plus is adopted both inside and outside, aiming at compact SUV "C-bit". So what's the change of rx5 plus compared with rx5? How much is the upgrade? Follow us for static experience. Rx5 plus can be regarded as the medium-term model of rx5, but after all, there is still a large demand for rx5 in dealers all over the world. As for whether it will be sold together with rx5, SAIC Roewe has not given a specific answer at present. Through this static experience, we can see that the upgrade of rx5 plus is more based on the design and texture. The cool appearance and high texture interior undoubtedly give it a new look. It can even be said that rx5 plus is the best design at the same level, and the unique self-attribute of the new cutting-edge screen yellow trim is not available at the same level. "Outside" can play cool, "inside" can stay at home, which is also the appeal of most young people. All in all, at the design level, the success of rx5 is indisputable.

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