Ev3 brought black technology, with a starting price of only 66800, becoming a new darling of minicars

Posted 2023-04-13 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

With the popularization of new energy vehicles, many vehicle enterprises have started to create their own new energy brands, and new vehicle manufacturers have sprung up. Today's protagonist Yi Zhi is one of them. Many consumers may not be familiar with him, but its strength cannot be underestimated. In the four years since the establishment of Jiangling new energy, the sales volume has exceeded 100000. In 2018, the sales volume has exceeded 50000. This achievement is really impressive. And what's so remarkable about Jiangling Yizhi ev3 as an A00 class car under Jiangling new energy? Yizhi ev3 was released on March 23 last year, which is also the date of the release of Yizhi brand, a brand new brand under Jiangling new energy. As the first model of Yizhi brand, yizhi ev3 is positioned as a city commuter car, with a subsequent price of 688-83800 yuan. For a pure electric mini car, this price can be said to be very affordable. In appearance, the overall design of Yizhi ev3 is very small and lovely, which is very consistent with the characteristics of a small electric vehicle. At the same time, a lot of current designs are used, such as a grille design which is completely integrated with the headlamp group in the front part of the car, making it more integrated; the suspension roof design is used in ev3, which makes the whole car younger. The quick charging port is hidden under the logo on the front of the vehicle, and can be opened by pressing the cover plate when the vehicle is unlocked. In addition, yizhi ev3 also provides four color schemes, including vermilion, turquoise blue, lotus white, and Acacia grey, as well as up to 18 color schemes for car body. In terms of interior decoration, yizhi ev3 also shows a younger style, and the color contrast design with orange and black highlights the fashion sense of the city car. The technical sense of the electric vehicle has been perfectly preserved in the Yi Zhi ev3. The dashboard of the main driver moves to the center console, and the HUD head up display function is added in the front of the vehicle, which also makes the vision of the main driver's seat better. The content of the head up display is also very rich, which can display the speed, power, endurance, tire pressure and other information, and also can adjust the angle of the reflector. The car is also equipped with an 8-inch central control screen. The multimedia system has the function of Internet of vehicles. It can also query the weather and set navigation through the voice recognition system. The combination of panoramic image and front and rear parking radar makes it more convenient for daily driving. Although easy to ev3 is positioned as an A00 class pure electric vehicle, its full body contour and waistline show a contrast of strength. The length, width and height of easy to ev3 are 3720 / 1640 / 1485mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2390mm. Compared with other models of the same level, it is not downwind, even compared with the higher level of flight. In terms of configuration, easygoing ev3 can be described as conscience. It is equipped with many rare safety configurations in the same level of vehicles, such as the main and co driver airbags, parallel assistance, blind area monitoring, vulgar auxiliary brake, tire pressure monitoring, brake force distribution, uphill assistance, etc. In addition, it is equipped with aluminum alloy hub, keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, electric tailgate, Internet of vehicles and other configurations. In terms of power, yizhi ev3 has two power versions: high power version and low power version. The low power version carries a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power bit of 35kw and a peak torque of 150n. M. the high power version also carries a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 50KW, a peak torque of 180n. M, a matching capacity of 32kwh and a endurance of 302km, which is sufficient for an urban car. It is worth mentioning that Yizhi ev3 also has three driving modes: Eco, normal and sports. The former McPherson suspension, which is specially adjusted for urban road conditions, and the latter torsion beam suspension also show good texture and vibration filtering performance in daily driving. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Yizhi V3 has won various awards since it went public. Combined with the application of 5g + Internet of vehicles, yizhi ev3 conquered the third world intelligent driving challenge with its strength, successfully completed 16 scene tests such as tractor and continuous turning, with excellent performance. The sixth round Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge car A00 group integral champion and 8 single champion, 2019 China new energy vehicle competition Xi'an station group comprehensive champion and 9 single champion Sanya station once again won the small car group comprehensive champion. It can be called "great" made in China. Generally speaking, the electric car with less than 100000 landing has performed quite well in all aspects, and the price of 68800 has also shown enough sincerity. As a daily used city commuter car, the ev3 is definitely a very powerful choice.

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