Equipped with Huawei 5g chip, Guangqi new energy aion V will be pre sold on 27th of this month

Posted 2020-12-26 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Recently, according to the official news agency, Guangqi new energy aion V will officially appear on April 27 and start pre-sale. The new car adopts the new design language of GAC new energy, and the Baron 5000 5g chip from Huawei Hisilicon is used in the Internet configuration, and supports 5g + v2x intelligent communication. In terms of endurance, aion V has three models of 500km / 520km / 600km. The front face design of the new aion V is officially defined as the "mecha beast" front face, and the "cloud piercing arrow" design of GAC new energy family is retained on both sides of the logo. At the same time, the split type headlamp group is called "light claw electric eye". The internal lines are sharp and aggressive, and the light source is led. The tail lamp group is called "universal blade" tail lamp. The tail lamp end extends to the back door, which has a good visual effect. In the internal structure, it has a line type lamp belt corresponding to the head lamp. On the side of the car, a straight "steel bone" waistline extends from the front hood to the C-pillar position, adding a certain sense of strength to the new car. In terms of dimensions, aion V is 4586 * 1920 * 1728mm in length, width and height and 2830mm in wheelbase. At the same time, the new car equipped with a hidden door handle can also effectively reduce wind resistance. The five spoke "star wheel" wheel has a unique shape, which can reduce the wind resistance and improve the range. The new cabin is known as the "wide view around the world" cabin. The internal design language is close to aion LX. The instrument central control integrated panel is embedded with two large-scale LCD screens, and supports the adigo intelligent interconnection system. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a rotary gearshift mechanism, and the front storage tank is expected to support the wireless charging function of mobile phones. In addition, in terms of connectivity, aion V will also be equipped with a new generation of Baron 5000 5g chip from Huawei Hisilicon, which has the characteristics of high speed, low delay and wide connection. Meanwhile, aion V of GAC new energy also supports 5g + v2x intelligent communication system. Baron 5000 is the latest 5g baseband of Huawei Hisilicon. It supports NSA and SA networking. In terms of speed, Baron 5000 takes the lead in achieving the industry benchmark 5g peak download rate, reaching 4.6gbps in sub-6ghz (low frequency band, 5g main frequency band), and 6.5gbps in millimeter wave (high frequency band, 5g expansion band). Aion V is built on GEP 2.0 platform of GAC group. In terms of power, it adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor from Japan, with maximum power of 135kW and peak torque of 350nm. In terms of endurance, the new car will adopt Funeng technology and the group provided. According to the different capacity and energy density, the new car has three models of 500km / 520km / 600km.

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